A Cold Sunset

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It got cold almost overnight.

Last week, we were making fun of British-Colombia for their snowstorm because for once, we barely had any snow in Ontario. Well, there still isn’t much snow on the ground but the few centimetres we have won’t melt this time, not until spring at least. It’s cold. We even had freezing rain Friday morning and everything was coated in ice. The wind was bad too.

This week should be between 5°C and -5°C which is fairly normal for late November. Yet, I’m glad to escape to sunny Australia. Looking for the summer…

On Saturday, as I was walking out of the mall, I noticed the sky was turning a nice shade of yellow. I hurried to Parliament Hill, the closest vantage point, and stood in the cold for almost 45 minutes to capture the sunset. Nothing dramatic but a nice clear sky and a beautiful gradient. A classical late fall sunset, basically.

You can see the whole Ottawa Fall set here.

The Parliament Library and the Parliament

Bare Tree

The Gazebo

From the Top of the Hill

Sunset on the Hill

No Climbing, Icy (I Climbed Anyway)

Freezing on the Hill

Alexandria Bridge

The Parliament, on a Cold Night

Gatineau, From the Hill, and the Bridges between Ontario and Quebec


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  1. Wow, it looks real cold. Great pictures. I like the “bare tree” photo the best. The walk up to the gazebo looks like a great place to split your lip falling down. The Parliament and library buildings are very impressive. It just looks really cold there but also very pretty.

  2. I think that the next time I’ll go to Canada will be in winter. Just for the experience. I must start saving as it will come faster than I imagine (next winter probably)!

  3. Wow, I love the contrast you have with the sunset and the buildings! And yes, they predict that the Northwest will have more snow and colder weather this year than our side of the continent. So far so good. And have I told you that I envy the fact that you’re going to somewhere warmer this season? 😛

  4. @micki – Trust me, I can’t wait. November has been one grey month!

    @shionge – Eh eh, it is quite romantic come to think of it!

    @Cynthia – It’s lovely but I have way too many pictures of it 😆

    @myriam – Oh yeah, and I couldn’t wear gloves because it was not practical to take pictures so I froze my fingers 😉

    @London Caller – Definitely!

    @Yogi – It wasn’t that icy but I guess they don’t want anyone to get injured.

    @Em – I think February is the best month to visit for a true Canadian experience. Plus we have the Winterlude Festival and the Canal is usually good for skating!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – 😆 Everybody is mad at me for running away from the cold! I’ll get some though since we are coming back in February.

    @Charles Dastodd – We haven’t had a proper snowfall yet here which is fairly unusual.

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