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A Drive To The Other Side

How can you tell I’m still European? Because I get excited when I go to the USA!

On Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a drive to the USA. Even though the border is only an hour drive from Ottawa, I rarely cross it — last time was almost exactly a year ago, when my best friends in Ottawa took me along as they were getting their landed immigrant status in Canada. We had spent a nice day in Alexandria Bay.

The day was perfect. Warm but not stuffy, sunny but with magical clouds which followed us all the way there. I loved the drive. The freeway was empty (probably because of Memorial Day) and we felt alone in the universe. Even the US Border Officer was friendly and… joked around with us. No kidding. See, it wasn’t a usual day.

The Bridge to the USA, from the Canadian side (Prescott, ON).

The nicest drive we had in a while: a perfect American road trip.

Our first stop in Ogdensburg, NY. A quiet little town with a beautiful view on the St Lawrence seaway.

Alexandria Bay, NY. A small town with a beautiful marina (and a bunch of people listening to ACDC, drinking beer in their moored boats — a memorial day tradition, anyone?), a typical main street and view on the Thousand Islands.

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