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Cancún? Niagara Falls with Sand and Saltwater

Did I blog yesterday? Yep. Mmm… don’t remember much about it. I was very cansada!

We woke up this morning dazed and confused. Why am I not cold? Who are these people singing drunkenly in Spanish? Why is this lady knocking at the door asking if we want la limpieza?

Oh right. Cancún.

After a cold shower and a quick desayuno, we took the bus to go to the beach. We are not staying on the waterfront, in one of the ubiquitous resorts with pseudo-Mayan names, but away from the hotel zone. At least, taking the bus is easy: Cancún is built along a long and narrow straight road.

Finding access to the beach was challenging: the beach is public but access to it isn’t. We tried to walk through a couple of resorts’ lobbies but we were stopped right away by security: propriedad privada. Eventually, we found a public access, a very narrow path leading to blinding white sand and amazing shades of blue. The sea is amazing here. I’ve rarely seen these kinds of colours anywhere else. Water isn’t all that clear (and there were a lot of waves) but the gradient is stunning.

Except for the beach, Cancún looks like Niagara Falls with sand and saltwater. The same corny attractions, lame signs and ubiquitous franchises, the same kinds of “made in China” souvenirs.

But where are the tourists? The beach was almost empty, certainly not as busy as I remembered. Tourists seem to be mostly Mexicans and we haven’t seen a lot of Americans. Granted, they may be enjoying their private beach but still, Cancún looks remarkably quiet for this time of the year.

Love these painted walls!
Cancun, One Straight Road
By The Shore
Lying on the Beach
Mall in Cancun
The Strip
Trying To Tan…
Different Shades of Blue
Cancun Beach
The Beach
The Beach
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