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A Rainy Day

Growing up in Nantes, close to Brittany, I became quite familiar with rain. A popular local joke claims that “in Brittany, it only rains twice a year, first from January to June, and then from June to December”. Our winters are grey and damp, spring and summer are scattered with showers and Fall is often synonym to thunderstorms.

Yet, once again, the Canadian weather surprised me. In France, I was used to showers, i.e. a little bit of rain through the day and grey-ish weather. Torrential downpours and violent thunderstorms are all in all quite rare. On top of my head, I can only remember the two storms of Christmas 99, when wind speeds reached around 200 km/h and caused major damage across the country.

In Ottawa, it doesn’t rain, it pours. You barely get any warning at all: one minute, the sky is grey and you feel a drop of water, the next one you are as soaked as if you had taken a shower. Similarly, thunderstorms can be quite impressive in the area: flash floods and power outages are not that rare. It’s part of our severe weather-prone country, I guess.

Last Saturday, I was downtown Ottawa to take pictures when it started to rain pour. I couldn’t even cross the street to go inside the Byward Market — I would have been soaked in seconds. So I took shelter under one of the fruit stall and snapped pictures of people around me, trying to capture the atmosphere of a rainy day in Ottawa.

You can see the whole Ottawa Summer set here.

White Tulip and Rain Drops
Green Leaf and Rain Drops
Rain Drops
Rainy Day at the Market
Gonna Storm...
Bring Your Rain Boots
Rain at the Park
Come and Get Cool
Drops of Water
Under my Umbrella
All Good!
Girl with Umbrella
Umbrella Dance

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