A Walk In Ottawa

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The big heat seems to be over and winter will be here soon enough… So on Saturday, I took my camera and went downtown for long walk. Despite its “boring” reputation, Ottawa is actually a really nice city.

I first went on Parliament Hill. Fun place to hang out, there’s always something happening: deposed politicians trying to network, busy Members of Parliament, demonstrators, tourists trying to take a perfect picture…

On the right side of the centre block of Parliament building and its massive Peace Tower are the Rideau Canal’s locks. On June 28, 2007, The UNESCO added the Rideau Canal to the World Heritage List (Canadian pride and a couple of signs added along the Canal). Right in front of the locks, across the river, is the province of Quebec. The steel bridge is the Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge, extremely busy at rush hours since a lot of people in Gatineau (Quebec) work in Ottawa.

The Parliament

The Parliament

The Locks

The Locks

One of my favorite place in Ottawa is the Byward market, nearby Parliament Hill. The market building is open year-round, and open-air stalls are operated in the warmer months (translation : May to October – blizzard and fruits don’t mix well). The market building is home to a bunch of ethnic restaurants (Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese, Italian, French…).

The Byward

The Byward

The Market

The Market

The Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal

Fire Accident In Chinatown

Fire Accident In Chinatown

I then walked towards the business district, on the other side of the Rideau Canal. Streets were empty and quiet – for once… From MacKenzie Bridge to busy Elgin Street, from Elgin to Bank Street, from Bank to Somerset.

The Parliament By Night

The Parliament By Night

The River At Sunset

The River At Sunset

Chinatown. Canadian multiculturalism : posting board with ads in every language, Chinese churches and multilingual services, Tamil movies and Spanish tacos stalls, kids playing hide and seek and parents calling them in Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and eventually in English.

Somerset aka the flammable district. Two days earlier, a 5-storey building burned to the ground. The building was being smashed down while former residents were sifting through the remains for personal possessions.
I picked up a couple of Coconut Bread and a Coke at the Kowloon market and drove home.
The sunset is much earlier now… I drove by The Parliament and the river and looked at the sky.


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. It’s amazing the kind of pretty pictures one can take around town/city, huh?

    If I did that where I am now, people would give me a look and they’d probably think, “Hey, you don’t look like a tourist!” LOL.

  2. Oh my gosh Zhu, your pictures are beautiful! What kind of camera do you have?;)

    So many interesting things and soooo different from my surroundings. I can’t even imagine being in a place like that. I probably wouldn’t have the right ettiquite…sorry, I’m a horible spelar;)

    I bet you like that “politician” type stuff though. Keeps your brain a goin’. It would completely confuse mine…lol.

  3. What a lovely place and such a beautiful day to snap all the pictures, do you eat Chinese food when you visit Chinatown 😀

  4. Paper Fan Club on

    Beautiful pics, zhu: like postcards! I was in Ottawa for the first time a couple of years back, caught on a weekend between winter and spring thaw. It was warm enough to walk around for the balance of the day, and I really enjoyed strolling along the river and around the Parliament Buildings. Nice memories of the capital!

  5. Hi Zhu!

    I can see that you had a nice weekend :)! Mine was peaceful too :)!
    Summer played hide and seek with us, this year….just like them kids in Chinatown, ey?

    I loved the photos: the business district is beautiful!!!! (and to think that I just love syrop *yummmmyyyy*…and we don’t have it here in Portugal!) That fruit stand is marvelous…do you usually buy there or what?
    Those boats in the river…it reminds me of Paris :)! Or is it a canal?
    The parliament is a gorgeous monument! Now I see why you love Otawa so much: it’s delightful!!!!

    The last pic: well captured! You are a gifted Photographer!!!

    By the way:
    I loved your comment! So, we have a lot in common, ey? Maybe it’s because we are both European lol! Those TV shows are awesome!!
    Gilles, no…I am afraid I don’t know him :(!

    I am a terrible writer after 11pm, myself…my eyelids start closing without any given order LOL!


  6. Thanks for the excellent guided tour, Zhu!

    I’ve only spent three days in Ottawa and most of that time was spent working. Loved the Byward Market area as well, especially an excellent Indian restaurant – forget the name, but you probably know it!

  7. pelf : I know ! That’s why I love cities, there’s always something happening, cities have a special aura… 😉

    cowboytf : thanks ! I have a small digital Kodak… Easyshare I believe. Makes great pictures, it was a lucky pick !

    I can spell “étiquette” – it’s French ! 😀

    sir jorge : thanks… 😉

  8. Keshi : thanks ! Ottawa is a nice city, plenty to see.

    Shionge : nah, I have Chinese food at home… 😉

    Paper Fan Club : the river and Parliament Hill areas are among the nicest places to visit here in Ottawa. Let me know next time you stop by, I’ll show you around !

  9. Max : thanks !

    Yes, I usually buy my veggies from the market. It’s pretty cheap and I like the idea of going to the market… it’s nicer than going to the supermarket ! But I don’t indulge in maple syrup too much 😉

    (just realized I couldn’t spell sirup, sirop, syrup correctly 😀 )

    You’re right, the Canal and its boat looks like the Seine – much smaller though (and uh… much cleaner !).

    john : oh, yeah, the Indian place… forgot the name too, but I see what you mean, the wall are all purple I think. Nice place, you’re right !

    The Byward is a cool place to hang out 😉

  10. Love the diversity of the place I can tell you that (based on your description). Cool pics as well!

    What the…? This is like my shortest comment ever or something:)
    Hmmm… Am I becoming laconic all of a sudden….a man of few words… a beast of precision and economy using the english language. Oh, there are worse fates out there I am sure,lol!

  11. I have never seen Ottawa before but it looks really interesting! 🙂

    Great pictures also! I especially like the two sunset ones, they look great!

  12. Zhu, wow! First of all, your photos are simply stunning – you have captured the scenery and architecture beautifully with vivid colours that one could almost reach out and touch.

    Secondly, Ottawa looks like an amazing place – you are truly fortunate to live there.

    And as usual, your wonderful way with words compliment the photos and provide an all round pleasurable city tour.

    Thanks, I’m now pulling out my “must visit” list and adding yet another location…THANKS MATE!!!!

    Take care, and keep smilin’

    Graham x

  13. Deadpoolite : don’t worry about the “short” comment. Must be your holidays. You’re gonna get your words back any time now 😉

    Aidan L : thanks ! Yeah, Ottawa isn’t that famous despite being a capital !

    Jessica : welcome here and… thank you ! 😉

  14. Getty72 : thank you ! I’m actually pretty new at photography (if this is photography… it’s more like having fun with my camera !) and I truly enjoy it.

    Funny thing, I see the city differently through the lens of my camera. A cool experience.

    Ottawa is a nice place to visit… and cheap too, especially for a capital ! You wouldn’t believe how cheap is Canada compared to Europe.

    Diesel : it is ! Glad you liked the pics.

  15. la bellina mammina on

    Gorgeous photos – I would love to explore Ottawa too! And the one evening sky – absolutely stunning! But, what’s the story with that heap of rubbish?? Yikes!

  16. Beautiful. I want to go and visit Korea when I graduate, have you been there? Leave a comment on my blog 🙂

    I will endeavor to put up some pictures of Perth but I think you’ve been there already 🙂

  17. la bellina mammina : the rubbish is the remains of the building which had burned two days earlier… 😉

    Shan : nope, sorry, never been to Korea. One day, maybe ? Man, this world is so big !

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