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Curious? This is the Story of “Correr Es Mi Destino”!

Falésias​ de Cacimbinhas, Tibau do Sul - State of Rio Grande do Norte
Falésias​ de Cacimbinhas, Tibau do Sul – State of Rio Grande do Norte

I started this blog—named after a Manu Chao song, Clan­des­tino—in 2006 after I became a permanent resident of Canada. My first few articles were in French but I quickly switched to English, a language I wasn’t yet fluent in—yes, it showed…—to improve my writing skills and help me embrace life in Ontario.

Remember 2006? Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and smartphones didn’t exist or were yet to take over our lives. I was 23, I had plenty of free time, certainly enough to teach myself basic 2.0 skills like messing with a blog layout, SEO and writing web content.

In 2007, I moved from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress blog to develop a much more comprehensive website.

In the years that followed, I adapted to my new life in North America, became officially Canadian in 2009, gave birth to a Canadian-Chinese-French baby in 2012, found my dream job, got a few white hairs, took thousands of pictures, never stopped backpacking… and I kept on writing.

That’s where we are today!

So, what’s in here for you?

If you land here on your way to Canada, head to the Canadian Immigration category with articles on permanent residence in Canadainterviews with newcomers, and becoming a Canadian citizen. For a cultural perspective, dive into the Canadian Life section with practical adviceextreme weather reports, and articles on working in Canada. I live in Ottawa and I covered the city extensively, as well as Montreal and Toronto.

Curious about ArgentinaAustraliaBelizeBoliviaBrazilChileChinaCosta RicaFranceGuatemalaHondurasMalaysiaMexicoNicaraguaPanamaPeruSingaporeThailandthe UK or Uruguay? Check out our backpacking adventures! We also like exploring Canada and the US, from big cities to small towns. Don’t forget to browse food from around the world (I love exotic street food and foreign supermarkets!) and get some backpacking tips along the way.

Ever wondered what happens when a French mom and a Chinese dad raise a child in Canada? No? Well, neither did I until we had Mark… and next thing we knew, we were a multicultural family with our own brand of clueless parenting. This is not a “look at what my amazing snowflake did!” section, but rather a “look at what Canada (or my Chinese in-laws) is doing to this kid!” opportunity to share cultural misunderstandings.

If you’re wondering who I am, I introduce myself here.

And if you skimmed through this page and don’t feel like clicking on the links, just pick a random article—with any luck, I wrote something profound that day.

See you around!