Picture of the Week: Admission of Guilt

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I love signs, graffiti and street art in general.

The other day, I was taking pictures of a mural in Chinatown when something scribbled in the corner of the painting caught my eye. I was expecting to read the signature of the artist or some info on the art, but instead I saw this message:

“I work at Dunns market and we piss in the pickles”.

Dunn’s is a deli in the touristic Byward Market, opened 24/7. I don’t think I have ever eaten there (I’m not a huge fan of smoked meat sandwiches and other standard deli fare) but if I ever do… well, pickles on the side. Or no pickles at all actually.

I submitted this picture to Passive Aggressive Notes—I think both the note and the…ahem, handling of food qualify as “passive aggressive”!

Admission of Guilt, Chinatown, Ottawa, November 2013

Admission of Guilt, Chinatown, Ottawa, November 2013


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  1. On the bright side, if people ever again make you feel guilty, you can always say “yeah, but at least I don’t piss in the pickles!” I’m pretty sure most people would get the idea that their comments are not appreciated ;).

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