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After The Rain

October brought much cooler temperatures and trees are fading from vibrant lush colours into rust and copper tones.

We had a few foggy “blah days” with constant drizzle. This kind of weather always reminds me of Fall in France—I grew up in Brittany, aka rainy country.

The thing with drizzle is that you don’t think you need an umbrella because it doesn’t rain that much—that is, until it’s too late and you realize that after standing at the bus stop for twenty minutes, you’re actually wet. Not to mention that the bottom of my pants always gets soaked because I should either hem them or wear high heels and I’m hopeless on both counts.

The other day was one of these days. I was soaked by the time I got home. I ditched my bag on the floor and grabbed the camera with my favourite prime lens for a quick photo shoot—I wasn’t going to get any wetter.

I wanted to capture these little drops of water stubbornly hanging on leaves. Amazing what you can find just a two-minute walk from home… and when you actually pay attention to the world around you. I spotted the spider webs towards the end of my walk and they made my day.

You can see the complete Ottawa Fall set here.

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After The Rain
Wet Leaf
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Spider Web
Spider Web
Spider Web
Spider Web
Wet Stem
Spider Web

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