Along The Seine

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Wednesday was our last day in Paris… and we decided to take a walk along the Seine. Paris is famous for its many bridges and the shore of the — pretty dirty — river are quite nice. We even took the boat from St Germain, to the Louvre, the Champs-Élysés and the Eiffel Tower for more sightseeing.

The Eiffel Tower From The Seine

The Eiffel Tower From The Seine

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The Pont Neuf and the small shops (usually bookshops) along the Seine.

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Damn, it’s hard to look at these pictures from my igloo! Yes, I’m back in Ottawa…


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  1. Hi Zhu,

    Welcome back!

    I take it you’re well rested and no airport delays this time.

    You did not notice protesters camping out in the streets of Paris, along the St Martin Canal, or the building fronting the Bank of France? Anyway, they would have no place on this travel photo album you’ve been updating quite nicely since you left for France.

    By the way, what’s their impression of President Sarkozy and his new wife Carla Bruni? 🙂 –Durano, done!

    durano lawayan’s last blog post..Please Pass the Peace

  2. I’m never going to get to Paris. I’ll be lucky for another shot at Canada. 🙂 So enjoying the pictures!

    Ghosty’s last blog post..I Missed the Boat

  3. Oh well all good things come to an end they say… Still plenty of beautiful pictures to show for it right? You know it is good that your Zhuness takes such vivid pictures otherwise my world would be a much bleaker place visually:).

    Keep your memories close to your heart till the next time…

    And with those crumbs of wacky wisdom I leave your blogging kingdom once more your Zhuness!!!

    Take care!

    deadpoolite’s last blog post..A “nasty” mission briefing:)

  4. Welcome back. I hope you had a great time in your vacation. Even if it had a bad start…

    I like your Paris Seine pictures. I guess most of the cities in Europe are centered around rivers, the Danube in Budapest, the Vltava in Prague, the Danube in Vienna again, the Thames in London, the Tiber in Rome, and the list goes on and on.

    And yes, those bodies of water have the boats that could ferry the tourists from Point A to B.

    So, is it back to reality and work for you?

    Linguist-in-Waiting’s last blog post..Forgive Me Thailand Version 2.0

  5. How do you feel to be back after what seems to be a good trip? Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures.

    I wonder when I can make a trip as well to see the Seine, the Louvre, the Champs-Élysés, the Eiffel Tower…

    Celine’s last blog post..Hello Spring

  6. JoAnn's D Eyes Holland (back from Luxemburg) on

    🙂 Hey ZHU!!!
    You’ve Been to Paris? Long way from home eeeeh??? Whenever you visit Holland, just tell me. By train it was a traindrive from 4 hours (fast train) to go by train to Amsterdam…. 💡 then you know that the next time. How did you like Paris???? I LOOOOVE it an your pics are so great nd typical for Paris. Glad to see you back, I was gone to for a trip to Luxemburg… But you visited my blog already. The Weaher in Ottawa is much colder eeeh? You’d Have to get used again to the weather in Canada, I understand that… Nice to see your travel photography…. as if I was again in PAris… 😉

    JoAnn now back in Holland

  7. Welcome home Zhu! LOL, looking at the pictures from your igloo…I’m so sorry it is still so cold. Sending you some Georgia sunshine!!
    I enjoyed looking at your pictures!
    p.s. I saved some ham from Easter and put it in the freezer. I’m going to get a nice baguette and have a nice ham, butter, pickle sandwich! Actually, maybe I’ll make those for lunch today 🙂

    Tanya’s last blog post..Good Morning! Happy TGIF!

  8. Welcome home! Glad you fully enjoyed your vacations. Now you can print out some of these pics and pin them up on the walls of your igloo until it’s melted.

    Froggywoogie’s last blog post..Do you speak Whale?

  9. @durano lawayan – I didn’t see the homeless… didn’t go to St Martin. Didn’t see the president either… nor his wife. Which is prob. a good thing since I like neither! 😉

    @Ghosty – Don’t be pessimistic! Another last round of pictures is coming for you next week then.

    @deadpoolite – I’m sure I’ll be back to Paris so it’s a merry goodbye. Just wished the snow had melted a bit… that’s all!

    @Art – Thank you!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – I did have a great time. Yep, bak to work on Monday… oh well, it was bound to happen, right? 😉

    @Aiglee – Hope so — I don’t think I can take more snow!

    @Spyder – It was tough. It’s always tough. I’m sure you know what I mean… you live far away from yours as well.

    @kyh – Paris is quite unique. Love it or hate it, you have to go one day!

    @Beaverboosh – no mate, I’m legal and permanent now! No more queuing for me… Canada was nice enough to let me stay permanently!

    @Celine – Feels a bit weird… yet interesting. It will take me a few days to adapt to Canada again! You definitely have to go to Paris one day. Especially for a traveler like you!

    @JoAnn’s D Eyes Holland – Hey you! We almost could have met! I know you went to Paris a few months again, I remember your pictures… they were great as well! Next time, Holland. Been there long time ago… I’d love to come back!

    @Tanya – Oh, think of me when you’ll eat your sandwich! 😉 Thanks for the sunshine… sun we have, it’s just so bloody cold here!

    @Froggywoogie – You mean next to my Carla and Nicolas pictures, the ones I used for darts? 😉

    @johnada – For now my in-laws are here so I’m just having a lot of rice. And eat with chopsticks. Glad I’m back to poutine land, as you say I couldn’t take more of that pain au chocolat thing! :mrgreen:

    @Tiffany – Thank you!

    @Jemima – You will, one day! 😉

  10. Yep, me too, WELCOME HOME!

    I’m such a twonk… I’ve been to India, Turkey, Iran, and yet altho I live just across the Channel I’ve never visited Paris!

    I’m making a resolution to visit this year, and if possible this Spring.

    Better slap up some more web sales pages! 😀

    Layne (aka Reward Rebel)’s last blog post..School Days ID Parade… Don’t Forget!

  11. Max Coutinho on

    Hello again!

    Welcome back to Canada (I forgot to say this in my previous comment)!

    Le Seine est trés beau!!! You are a great photographer: have you ever thought about becoming professional? (I am asking this and perhaps you are already a professional lol)

    Do you miss Paris already?


    Max Coutinho’s last blog post..Manipulation

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