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An opportunity for an international student to apply for permanent residence in Ontario

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has a special offer called the Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream. According to this program, an international student is provided with an opportunity to get permanent residence in case they already have a job offer in Ontario area. This program helps to make student immigration legal, as well as gives students a chance to try living and working in Canada as soon as they graduate from college or university. This program will be particularly useful for those who have come to Canada not only to acquire valuable knowledge, but also to get work experience in the field they specialize in.

The first thing to mention in regards to the program is that a student has to apply online. There are a few requirements you need to meet before you can apply. They include employer requirements, job offer requirements and applicant requirements. What is more, you might need to submit some supporting documents. Thus, make sure you have them right on hand. In case you are a fan of the school reform in Canada and have got a degree in this country but are not a Canadian resident, you have the chance to apply for this program as well. To be eligible to apply for the OINP, take a look at colleges and universities that participate in this program first. The full list is available on the website of OINP.

Another vital aspect to highlight is that the job offer you have got should be full-time employment. What is more, it needs to be permanent meaning that there is no end date in the contract. The job offer in question should require an applicant to possess Skill Levels A, B or Skill Type 0. In other words, you need to apply for a position based on the subject at school you have majored in. Make sure that you cannot apply for a job that is outside Ontario.

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Perhaps, one of the most significant aspects in regards to the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program is your ability to prove that you intend to live in Ontario as soon as you graduate. The following aspects are viewed when your application is being examined: you have worked or are working in this area; you have done some volunteer work here; you have studied in Ontario; property owning or leasing; having family ties or professional affiliations; going to job interviews and applying for jobs in the area.

Speaking about the salary of the job offer, it needs to either meet the low wage level or exceed it. A lot depends on the occupation and the part of Ontario in which you are planning to stay. Additional information regarding the low wage level can be found in the Employer’s Guide. Do not forget that there is an application fee of $ 1,500. Payment is only possible via credit cards.  Only Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Visa and Visa Debit are accepted.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you have submitted your application. What is more, there is an option to check the status of your application in your account on the website of OINP. If you are nominated, a Nomination Approval Letter and the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program Certificate will be sent to you by email. As soon as you you receive those documents, proceed to apply for permanent residence to IRCC. You have six months to complete this process.