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And The Winners Are…

It’s time to announce the winners of The Tricky Questions Contest! First of all, thanks to all of you who participated. I had to moderate the comments for a while because some smart English guy (Wapentake, yes, it’s you!) got most of the answers right only a few minutes after publishing the post.

Remember: the questions were:

  1. Travel: What is a chicken bus?
  2. General knowledge: when I first came to Canada, I noticed a lot of stores would have an height stick on the front door frame. What are these for?
  3. Food: what would a typical French person have for breakfast?
  4. Enigma: when I was in Australia, I noticed some public bathrooms (i.e in Sydney train station) were lit with blue light, like in a disco (ultraviolet). I really wondered why at the time and found the answer a few months later in a book. So, why would there be blue lights in a public bathroom in your opinion?
  5. Vocabulary: what’s the common point between the words: “toonie“; “double-double” and “zed“?

So here are the first answers I got, by Wapentake:

1) Former US school buses, loudly decorated, in Central America, often transporting as many barnyard animals as people.

2) So witnesses to a robbery can accurately judge the height of the miscreants.

3) A long coughing fit followed by a couple of cigarettes? ;) And maybe a bread roll, lump of jam, and a coffee. I think cereal is on the rise as well.

4) Supposedly deters addicts by making it harder to locate a juicy blue vein. Unless they run a marker pen down it beforehand of course.

5) Canadianisms?

The teacher says… 5/5!

The second entry I received was from Saskboy, who said:

# A decorated school type bus, that can transport both people and cargo like livestock (chickens).

# For clerks to notice the height of robbers as they leave the store.

# Food and drink

# The blue lights are so junkies can’t see their veins.

# They are Canadian pronunciations of things and stuff.

Nice! The teacher says… 4/5!

In between, I got answers from Julian Webb by email (3.5/5), Jay Cam (1/5), Linguist-In-Waiting (3/5) and Erik (2/5). Nice try guys, but it took a smart woman to answer almost everything!

Theresa commented last:

1. A chicken bus is an American school bus, that’s been colorfully painted, and is used in Guatemala to transport people (and animals, hence the name) from village to village.

2. I’m guessing it’s some sort of snow gauge.

3. Coffee and bread (baguette) with butter and/or jam.

4. The blue light makes it hard for people to see their veins, so this makes it more difficult for heroin users to inject themselves.

5. They are all words that are used in Canadian English and are not used in U.S. English. (I would say they are uniquely Canadian, but zed is used in England too)
Toonie: The two dollar Canadian coin
Double-double: A coffee with two creams and two sugars.
Zed: The last letter of the alphabet.

She got 4/5 but she also called a wildcard and blogged about this contest: Northern Exposure. So she is one of the winner!

So here are our three winners: Wapentake, Saskboy and Theresa. Congrats! Email me a 100×100 or 125×125 picture of your blog, or something designed to promote you and I’ll put it in the ad slots for a month.

As promised, I also picked a 4th contest to win a one month blogroll link and a short blog review. To pick the winner, I just rolled a dice and got a two. Commenter number 2 was… Ghosty! Congrats! Don’t miss his comment at the bottom by the way, it’s hilarious!

Ghosty, author of Agents Don’t Do Housework, is a very special man secret agent. Not your regular Joe, unlike what he says under his “About Me” section.

A resident of Baltimore, Ghosty is a political fundraiser — between us, this is probably just a cover… especially considering he has been blogging since 2005! I mean, seriously, who has the time to maintain a blog AND work??

I fell in love with this blog as soon as I saw it. The template is great and he really as this little “something” to blog. He is also a surprising man: he believes in Hinduism, he talks about politics (even though he says he doesn’t!) and current issues, he tried to blog for dollars but then reconsidered the whole thing, and he also has this really cool project to start a blog about sounds in and around Baltimore.

Basically, read him! He has been one of my favorite for a while now. Definitely a gifted blogger and a great person to talk to.

That’s it folks… and thanks again for playing!

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