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Author - Zhu

French woman in English Canada.

Looking for comrades to start a revolution.

In the meantime, I write stories, explore cultures and travel. You know, the usual.

Fun Things to Do in Canada

Everyone wants to go to Canada. Well, it is said to have the nicest people and to top it up, has been listed as one of the friendliest countries to newcomers. Therefore, if you have Canada in your...

Suburbia, Ottawa, June 2019

Crow Attack

I’ve been to San Pedro Sula, dodgy parts of Rio, Salvador and Porto Alegre, I survived shitty border towns but damn, I’m avoiding Crow Street, Suburbia, Ottawa.

What You Need to Do To Enjoy Your Vacation

Going on a vacation is an excellent way of unwinding. Work can become stressful, and the only thing that can make you feel better is being away from it. If you are a travel enthusiast, you can attest...

Ottawa, April 2019

Against the Clock

These days, the time is the only information I can give straight out because I’m always racing against the clock.

Our New Tuesday Evening Phobia

Tuesdays are now known as the “six mots” day, a weekly homework writing exercise a native French speaker and skilled translator/copywriter/proofreader is struggling to complete.

Rainy Easter

The grim forecast was all over local news before the Easter long weekend—“Significant rain expected!” “Exercise caution!” “Flood concerns along the Ottawa River!”

Kindhearted Canada

There are plenty of attitudes I can’t stand in North America, but this is the Canada I’m proud of—kind, welcoming, helpful and understanding.

Six Unexpected Places to Stay in the USA

With the United States so close to the Canadian border, you would be hard pressed to find someone who has never visited at least once. It’s right there, it’s easy to get to, and Canadians can visit...