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Best Hobbies for the Upcoming Fall and Winter Months

With fall just around the corner and winter not far behind, it’s time to start accepting that the weather will soon be changing and the sunshine is going to be around a lot less often. Instead of getting bummed out about missing the beach, wouldn’t it be better to get excited for the different opportunities available? To help you through the colder months, here are some great indoor and outdoor hobbies to keep you going until spring. 

Relaxing Ice Fishing

After the temperature drops below freezing, ice fishing quickly becomes one of the most popular activities across Canada. With access to so many fresh water spots like lakes and rivers, Canada is truly one of the best places in the world for this historical hobby. While some may not understand the appeal, there is a certain joy to venturing out on a frozen lake, cutting a hole and dropping your line in, and waiting for a huge catch among the stillness and quiet of nature. Depending on the region you’re located in, you may have access to northern pike, whitefish, perch and more. 

Adventurous Snowmobiling

Some people prefer skiing, others enjoy snowboarding as their winter adrenaline sport, but snowmobiling is an undeniable thrill when you’re discussing winter activities. It may not burn off calories like other sports, but it makes up for it in the adventure and excitement categories. During winter, the wide open fields in the wilderness become covered in fresh white powder, perfect to barrel across at daring speeds. If you look around, you’ll find that there are many local groups and chapters that are dedicated to exploring the trails and paths that pepper the great outdoors. 

Enjoying the Harvest

The ultimate fall activity in Canada revolves around the many wonders that nature offers us. Our country is known for its incredible fresh cranberries, pumpkins, apples, maple syrup and more. There are many events throughout the fall months centered around picking fresh fruits, like the Bala Cranberry Festival or the Brighton Applefest. Carving your perfect pumpkin before Halloween is an excellent activity to enjoy as well. No matter what treat you pick, be sure to take the opportunity to indulge this fall season. 

Picking up Card Games

If you prefer to hunker down during the frigid months ahead, there are some great hobbies to pick up that are best enjoyed indoors. Card games are great because of the wide variety of ways to play. There are card games that are enjoyed alone like solitaire, or those best played with a group of friends like Texas Hold’em. During the chilly winter evenings, you might enjoy playing stimulating games of blackjack online if you prefer more of a challenge. Each game has its own style of play and surprising benefits for the mind. Aside from helping with your logic processing and memory, card games like poker and blackjack are easy to pick up yet surprisingly difficult to master. If you enjoy rewarding skill-based hobbies, card games are a great one to consider. 

Get Into Baking and Sweets Making

What could be better for the bleak fall and winter months then bringing some joy into your home with freshly baked goods? So many year-end holidays benefit from an extra touch of something homemade and delicious. From pumpkin pies and cinnamon apple bread in October, to holiday cookies and warm brownies in December, there is a surprising variety of baked goods that can be made from simple ingredients. If you enjoy time spent in the kitchen, there is no better hobby when you want to stay indoors. 

Get in Touch With Your Artistic Side

During the spring and summer when the weather is great, everyone wants to be out meeting up with friends and our passions can often get left behind. With all the extra time to yourself, why not pick up an artistic project? Painting or knitting is great to get you started but it doesn’t have to be the be-all and end-all. There are a lot of different options, especially when you consider digital art like graphic design or video creation. If you are feeling extra ambitious, you can look around your house and see what could use some sprucing up. A new coat of paint in your bedroom or a handmade centerpiece for your kitchen table will add great energy every time you walk into a room.