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Picture of the Week: BlackBerry

Working Hard, Ottawa, October 2011

Whether they are BlackBerry, iPhones, Android, smart phones or mobile devices… everybody’s got one.

Ottawa seems to be partial to BlackBerry though, probably because Research In Motion (RIM), the telco company who invented the device, is Canadian, has contracts with the government and is a big employer in Ottawa.

I become a CrackBerry when I was working on Parliament Hill. The smart phone was part of the job and we were hooked to it—and expected to check it—pretty much 24/7. I hated it. I never turned the device off and compulsively check the screen if I was away from it for more than a few minutes. The little “mail” icon invariably meant “troubles” and “overtime”. I was taking work home every day.

I ditched the Hill job but kept the device. Well, technically I gave it back but I soon got another BlackBerry.

Smart phones are great. I’m not much of a phone person but I do everything by email, and being able to communicate on-the-go with coworkers and friends is awesome.  And I’m not the only addict around: the recent RIM outage prompted a class action suit!

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