Bondi Beach

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In Australia, not going to the beach on Sunday is almost a sin. So we follow pretty much half of Sydney to Bondi Beach, the city’s iconic patch of sand.

Let’s be fair: Bondi is a lovely beach and certainly more than a “patch of sand”. Sure, it’s packed because it is summer Down Under and the kids are out of school but it’s still a great place to soak up the sun and relax.

Like Malibu Beach and Baywatch, Bondi Beach is famous for its Surf Lifesavers, dressed in yellow and red. Australians take beach activities seriously and Bondi is well patrolled by lifeguards and the mounted police. Earlier in the day, a shark was caught in the underwater net—gotta love the crazy Australian fauna! Sharks, jellyfishes, snakes, spiders… everything is lethal here but kangaroos and koalas.

The water was surprisingly cold, apparently due to a strange weather phenomenon. But I still dipped to beat the burning hot sun.

Bondi Beach Caveat

Bondi Beach Overview

Strong Currents

Surf Rescue

Against The Sun

Horses on the Beach

Bondi Beach Caves


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  1. All my favourite animals seem to live there then. That’s the good thing about Ireland: St Patrick made a good job at getting rid of all the snakes!

  2. Those surf rescue girls sure look stunning with their swimsuits. I’m not a beach person but looking at these photos makes me kinda want to go to the beach too, given that the temperature here in Buffalo is about -5 C.

  3. Is this not the good life?
    Torture! We in France are with snow!!

    A Chacun son tour avec le manège des hemisphères. 🙂

  4. @Cynthia – You know what, I feel the same! I’m just glad there are hot countries out there to escape to 🙂

    @micki – It was around 40C under the sun, but quite dry.

    @Em – I haven’t seen snakes yet but I’m keeping an eye on these!

    @Priyank – You bet… although sometimes it’s so hot that I drool in front of ice cubes!

    @shionge – Yes, I did. Couldn’t help it, it was so hot!

    @khengsiong – Oh yeah, it’s not that bad as long as you can swim.

    @Margaret – One of the most famous in OZ!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – I love going to the beach! I take it you are a mountain person then?

    @barbara – Oh yes, good life indeed! 😉

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