Boring? Canucks Love Rolling the Dice and Taking a Risk!

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“Ottawa Senators v Minnesota Wild” by Daniel Thornton (CC BY 2.0)

The stereotypical Canadian image, especially when coming from those living abroad, may focus on an individual riding to work on a dogsled, whilst, of course, keeping a keen eye out for troublesome bears, and perhaps being dressed as something resembling a Mountie; and, although that depiction is ever so slightly inaccurate, the myth remains that we Canadian folk tend to be a bit more reserved and less prone to risk-taking than our American cousins.

Aside from the fact that many Canadians love downhill skiing and ice hockey (both sports that don’t exactly ignore the element of risk), one simple way of blowing this and other myths out of the water is to explore how Canadians tend to love rolling the dice and gambling.

Being a Good Sport

Of course, Canadians enjoy watching sport, with nothing showing this more than the NHL playoffs (especially if there happens to be a Canadian team involved) but male Canucks in particular also love betting on sport; the female demographic in Canada tends to be drawn more towards online bingo and luck-based games. With the average age of online gamblers in Canada now 35.5 years old, online gaming in the country has clearly tempted in a younger group, who are just as happy to take risks.

This involvement of both genders and a wide range of age groups has not only helped a few of these players to win big but also brings $13billion per year to the Canadian economy, one of a range of interesting facts on Canadians’ gambling habits and the impact they have on Canada’s economic landscape.

We’re Mobile and We Embrace the Digital Age

Of all the interesting facts online, perhaps the most intriguing is that women in Canada who play games on mobile devices actually outnumber the respective number of male players. This suggests that women have embraced the world of smart technology, using their smartphones and tablets for entertainment, while men have more potential to veer towards being technological dinosaurs.

Women may be better at embracing mobile gaming compared to men, but what is obvious is that anyone looking to gamble in Canada is going to be better off doing it online rather than offline; after all, not only are there 2000+ online casinos all looking for business but online casinos also return more than 96% in wins, compared to an average of 60% in brick and mortar casinos. 

Having that hidden edge

For those visiting Canada who think that they will be able to have more skill at bluffing or more luck in wagers, the reality is that the love and proliferation of online casinos has helped Canadians to become exceptionally skilled in these arts. With this in mind, be careful when you next think of hosting a home poker tournament or have a chat about the chances of who is going to win the Stanley Cup as the Canuck you’re chatting to might just have the odds at their fingertips and the edge on you when it comes to knowing a thing or two about gambling!


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