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Brazil (2021)

Florianopolis - Dunas do Santinho
Florianopolis – Dunas do Santinho

We left Canada on December 17. Pandemic-wise, things were okay-ish, as good as it gets, anyway. Going to Brazil was worth the risk, anything but a depressing winter locked up in Canada.

And it was great. Feng, Mark and I arrived in São Paulo, we spent Christmas in Rio de Janeiro, then New Year and a few weeks in Florianópolis and around.

Feng and Mark went back to Canada as planned but it turned out more complicated than expected as the pandemic took another turn for the worse up north. I flew to Natal, then took the bus all the way to Salvador stopping in João Pessoa, Recife, Maceió and Aracaju. In February, I ended up stuck in Brazil as Air Canada cancelled my return ticket and suspended all routes. So I stayed and enjoyed Brazil until I found a way out mid-March… to France.