Brazilian Carnaval In Paraty (2)

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The Carnival lasted five days in total, four of them of total madness.
I´m not sure how many people attended, but the city was packed. Cars from Sao Paolo and Rio were parked everywhere, beaches were jammed and the whole place was on party mode.
Every night, the Carnival started around 10:00, to finish around sunrise. Blocos all over the place were leading people in the old town and there were always some drummers getting ready somewhere. People were drinking, dancing, eating, walking, singing non-stop. Meanwhile, everybody was pretty well-behaved.
We had a lot of fun. Most of the time, we just followed blocos in the streets, dancing behind them. Occasionally, we would stop somewhere and watch people´s costums — the people parade is sometimes better than the official parade.
During the day, we relaxed at the beach… or at least, we tried too, until we discovered another original way to celebrate Carnival.
The Carnaval King

The Carnaval King

Drummers Ready!

Drummers Ready!

Leading The Way

Leading The Way

Colorful Hats

Colorful Hats

The Party!

The Party!

Walking The Streets

Walking The Streets


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  1. Max Coutinho on

    As saw the pictures I felt nearly at home: the parties, the people parading, the all-night party…food, laughter! Awesome!! 😀

    I can’t wait to see more of your trip in Brazil!


  2. Great reports, both 1 and 2 and lovely pics. Sounds like a thrill money can’t buy and of course very exotic for a Norwegian who now is covered in 1M of snow 😆

  3. It looks like fun! 😀 Here I am at home, feeling very tired after a long day. Looking at those photos makes me want to go out to party too! I wonder what the local food is like. Do you like the food?

  4. The people there cetainly know how to party. The morning is for sleeping, the afternoon for the beach, The evening is for eating, and the night for partying all night long. Yes, that sounds like a good schedule.

    And the food? Where are all those photos of the great food you have enjoyed as you eat yourselves to the end of the world and back? We foodies want to know!

  5. @Max Coutinho – It´s quite cool, and I´m sure you can imagine how it is!

    @RennyBA – Snow IS very exotic to me right now! 😆

    @aline – Food is okay, mostly rice, meat and beans. And a lot of shrimps!

    @Tulsa Gentleman – I promise, God, I promise I will have a food series. But I still have so much to post, probably after we come back… you do want to hear about Rio de Janeiro first, don´t you? 😉

    @DianeCA – Best way to participate is to join the Brazlians in the street, even without fancy costums!

    @shionge – I loved it!

    @Sidney – I know, Feng and I kept on joking about him, cause he was drinking beer all the time 😆

    @Bluefish – You are probably refering to Rio de Janeiro costums… next 🙂

    @Seraphine – I know, and I´m glad we followed the rule!

    @Final_Transit – Awesome! I took some video, if only I could figure how to put them online…!

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