Brooklyn Bridge and NYC Skyline

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If New York City’s skyline doesn’t impress you in the heart of Manhattan, it will from Brooklyn Bridge! Indeed, that’s where I realized how tall the skyscrapers actually are, something you don’t always notice when you are walking at their feet.

Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the U.S., connects Brooklyn to Manhattan by spanning the East River. We started the 1.8 km walk in Brooklyn and headed to Manhattan. It was very hot but I loved the few clouds in the deep blue sky, they added depth to the pictures!

The NYC icon has a wide pedestrian walkway open to walkers and cyclists, and it’s one of the nicest walk I took in the city. Sure, jaded cyclists are a minor annoyance as they speed across the bridge, often yelling “get out of the path!”—but I guess us pedestrians can be a liability. Like in Ottawa, it would be good to remind everyone that these kinds of paths are meant to be shared, and that cyclists and pedestrians are not enemies…

Like in many places around the world, such as the Pont des Arts in Paris, Brooklyn Bridge has a few interesting graffiti, and some “love locks” were affixed here and there. But overall, the bridge was fairly “clean”.

We were surprised to see a lot of people don’t walk the entire length of the bridge, but simply the first half from Manhattan to the top. Indeed, for the second part of the walk, we followed the crowd whereas the Brooklyn part of the bridge was almost empty!

You can see the set of pictures taken in the U.S.A. on Flickr.

Entering Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn

Brooklyn Behind Us

The Tollway Below

Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

The Statue of Liberty

Manhattan Skyline

Brooklyn Bridge

NYC Skyline

The Wooden Path

Graffiti and Knickknacks

Locks on the Bridge

Crossing powered by $1 NYC Spring Water!

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge


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  1. Yeah, I noticed that too, most people seem to be too enamored with Manhattan that they don’t want to leave the island. When I crossed the bridge back in 2007, I crossed it all the way, starting from Manhattan, then strolled in Brooklyn and visited some art galleries near the other end of the bridge, and finally taking a metro from High Street station.

  2. I love these pictures.. specially the 10th one – it’s like a mirror! Not having crossed the Brooklyn bridge is one of the things that I regret most from my last visit to NY… but, in my defense, it would have been suicidal with almost -20ºC!! I’m glad to be able to live it through your post 🙂

  3. It doesn’t seem to have high human traffic volume ya….I remembered travelling to & fro Brooklyn Bridge in a taxi because the cab driver didn’t has his GPS on and he couldn’t locate our hotel… 🙁 Anguish & anxiety fills the air for sure 😀

    You looked great 😀

  4. Hi Zhu, great NYC series, I really like that city (along with Mexico city and Moscow the crowd and chaos reminds me of Mumbai), so much that I wear I-heart-NY shirt whenever I go!! LOL. My most favourite activity is to walk on the Brooklyn bridge, starting from Brooklyn and ending in Manhattan. I just love the feeling of approaching a big city, very dramatic. Last time I specifically carried running shoes so I could run there. 🙂

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