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Buckingham Palace

Coming from a country which executed Louis XVI, the last king, by guillotine, I tend to consider monarchy a custom somewhat obsolete and old-fashioned although harmless if a Parliament is in place. We don’t hear that much about the Queen in Canada and I’ve never been very interested in gossip about the Royal Family.

I still wanted to see Buckingham Palace though, as well as the whole area around it. Indeed, once you step on Constitution Hill, you feel like you enter another world. A high wall and barbwire protect the boundaries of the Palace and CCTV cameras seem to be everywhere. Traffic lights have pedestrian and horse crossing lights. Cars are shiny and hordes of tourists are ready to press the shutter button as soon as they see a shadow moving inside the Palace.

Of course, you can’t enter Buckingham Palace. Besides, the Queen was in Ottawa when we were in London — what a shame. Yet, people get as close to the get as they can and take pictures of the guards instead.

You can follow our trip to the U.K here on Flickr: United Kingdom.

Ah, No Trespassing
Traffic Lights for Horses
Gate of Buckingham Palace
Front of Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace and the Guards
Admiralty Arch
Buckingham Palace Gates' Lock
Buckingham Palace Gates' Lock
Buckingham Palace Gates
Trying to Take Pictures...
Buckingham Palace' Fountain
Gate to the Mall Walk
Buckingham Palace
Towards the Mall Walk

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