Picture of the Week: Campaign Signs

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Campaign Signs, Ottawa, October 2011

The campaign signs are back. On October 6, we were called to the voting booth once again, this time for the Ontario provincial elections.

I knew who I was not voting for (yes Conservative Party, I’m looking at you) but I was undecided between NDP and Liberal until the last minute. No matter what I ultimately decided, I wish political parties would stop polling me over the phone during dinnertime.

I’m probably the only one complaining about it but I do find campaigns too short. I’m not feeling I’m learning much about candidates’ respective platforms. It seems to be more a popularity contest than anything else. A little less time planting placards and signs everywhere and a little bit more time explaining their plans for Ontario would help.

Nonetheless, I was at the voting booth on October 6. It took me long enough to become a Canadian citizen, I  use my right to vote. It’s a duty I enjoy and respect.


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    • Low turnout? People didn’t seem to be passionate at all about these elections. Maybe they were too close to the federal elections in the spring.

  1. Too short??? Oh my. I think of the costs of these campaigns and then I want them to be shorter! Look at the USA — their campaigns are even longer (presidential = two years, more or less)! I don’t think the campaigns make people think more about who they’ll vote for, they’ve pretty much decided.

    Less campaigning and more governing, I say. (Less talk and more action, essentially.)

    • Maybe I’m biased because campaigns are very long in France. I feel we are voting all the time in Canada! Federal, provincial, municipal… and campaigns blur into another.

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