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Picture of the Week: Campaign Signs

Campaign Signs, Ottawa, October 2011

The campaign signs are back. On October 6, we were called to the voting booth once again, this time for the Ontario provincial elections.

I knew who I was not voting for (yes Conservative Party, I’m looking at you) but I was undecided between NDP and Liberal until the last minute. No matter what I ultimately decided, I wish political parties would stop polling me over the phone during dinnertime.

I’m probably the only one complaining about it but I do find campaigns too short. I’m not feeling I’m learning much about candidates’ respective platforms. It seems to be more a popularity contest than anything else. A little less time planting placards and signs everywhere and a little bit more time explaining their plans for Ontario would help.

Nonetheless, I was at the voting booth on October 6. It took me long enough to become a Canadian citizen, I  use my right to vote. It’s a duty I enjoy and respect.

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