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Can I See Your Bag, Please?

I was recently reading Tunneling thru’ and Rads had this great post : what’s in you bag? And even if she wouldn’t have tagged me, I’d have volunteered because… well, because I have a theory.

See, to me, there are two kind of women: women who like shoes, and women who like bags. And since I wear size 9 shoes (40 for European readers) — but I must also say that I’m 1.75 meter ! — I rarely get the shoes I really want. So I became a bag person.

I don’t own hundreds of bags. In fact, I only have one. But it took me two weeks of research before I buy it! Yeah, I’m that superficial picky. I don’t understand these women who carry bags the size of a pack of cigarette. I mean, how would I fit my cigarettes in it in the first place ? Not to mention all the other stuffs I have to carry with me at all time. So, let’s have a look:

The bag. bought in Zara in France a couple of years ago. Big enough to carry my work folders with me (I’m not gonna carry one of these ugly backpack ! I’m not that hippie ya know !), black (goes with everything), leather-like (doesn’t get soaked every time it rains/ snow.) Pinned on the pocket of the bag, two buttons : one with Che Guevera, one with the Subcommandante Marcos. I bought them from Sir Jorge this summer and I love them!

The mess

Okay, I do carry a lot of crap with me. But as you will soon realize, I need every single one of these items.

See, that’s what I meant. These are my work tools — you don’t want to deprive me from my work tools, do you? I have a folder per class or per students, so I carry about 5 or 6 of them a day. I also have an astonishing pile of copies at the end of the week, which I religiously empty from my folders every week. As for pens… well, we all need pens, don’t we?

A wallet. We all have a wallet, don’t we? Although I do have a lot of change. Blame it on the GST/ PST taxes, which are extra in Canada. For example, a Coke is labeled at $1.50 but you end up paying $1.50 plus 15% tax. Which I can’t calculate mentally, hence the change. And cigarettes… blahblahblah, keep on speaking, I’m not listening…

I’m a woman, you know. I need to have a comb in my bag (which I never use, bout I could need it!), emergency make-up (not that I wear much make up), lipsticks and band-aid (that’s the white stuff).

And these are my keys, more change, two movies tickets for “Lions for lambs” and TV5’s program for the month (French TV) that I picked up at school.
I always carry a book because I spend a lot of time in the bus. And I need a watch, pins for my hair, coupons for the supermarket etc. I just wish I wouldn’t read that fast, cause I need to carry big books to keep me busy….

And yeah, I’m human, I eat. Cough candies because I speak a lot (try teaching 7 or 8 hours a day !), a candy and a Starbucks oat fudge bar — my favorite.


So, I’d like to see some ladies purses now…

  • Empress Eve : a blog I’ve started to read recently… and I love it ! The author was actually talking about bags recently, so I’m sure she will like this tag !
  • Through JoAnn Digital’s Eyes : a new blog in my feed as well! JoAnn is Dutch and she takes great pictures… maybe we’ll get a snapshot of her bag?
  • La Belle Saison: princesse is back from her blogging break – this is a welcome back tag!
  • A New Life In Canada : I’m sure Aiglee is quite busy since she’s moving to Canada soon, but who knows!
  • Maremagnum : another blog I discovered recently. She got a new digital camera and have been posting a lot of pics lately, so let’s hope we’ll get one of her bag!
  • Max: my favorite Portuguese girl must have a quite interesting bag!
  • Spyder: I’d be curious to see your bag!
  • Pelf-ism is contagious: A new add to my feed, she’s fun and witty!
  • So Shiok…! : she’s so funny, I bet she has a quite packed bag as well!
  • The Rain In Spain: I discovered Theresa a few months ago and I love every single one of her posts!
  • A Cowboy’s Wife: come on Lori, I need to check your bag !
  • Self Delusion Of Angela May: I know, I’m keeping you from working… my sadistic side!

Hope I didn’t forget anyone, but these are the ladies in my feed!

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