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No Royals Spotted but a Fun Canada Day 2011

Happy Canada Day everyone!

It was (and still is) a crazy day here in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. With the visit of Kate and William and the usual festivities around Parliament Hill, thousands of people are wandering downtown in the streets of Ottawa.

I spent most of the afternoon downtown, trying to see something—anything really. We didn’t get anywhere close to the Royal couple considering we pretty much would have had to spend the night on the Hill. That said, we did hear the speech and weren’t too far!

Just wandering around is good enough for me, the city is lively and the atmosphere is great.

Flags on a Bag
Cute Hat!
Crowded Parliament Hill
The Parliament
Radio Canada
Maple Leaf
In Feng’s Glasses
Trying to Spot The Prince?
By Notre Dame
Under My Umbrella
The Crowd
Alexandria Bridge
Maple Leaf Balloons
Welcome to Canada!
In Major Hills Park
Drawing Art
On Rideau Street
The Conference Centre
Wellington Street
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