Canada Day In Ottawa

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Yesterday was Canada Day, our national holiday. And what better place to celebrate than Ottawa, the nation’s capital?

Canada Day Fireworks

The crowd was gathered on Major Hill and on Parliament Hill.

Walking To The Parliament Major Hill Park

Canadian art on display: a mask made of an hockey gloves. And of course, the traditional Canada Day tee shirts!

Canadian Art Canada Day Teeshirts

Downtown was packed and of course, there were Canadian flags on every buildings.

The Rideau Center The Old Congress Center

Parliament Hill and the traditional RCMP officers posing for a picture.

RCMP The Parliament

Ladies selling souvenirs and acrobats in the street.

Selling Souvenirs Acrobats

And the fireworks at night, over the Ottawa river

Fireworks on Canada Day Fireworks on Canada Day

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  1. Meh…maybe I’ll be there next year, provided I can find a place to live for the Summer in Rochester. My evil university kicks us all out, luggage and furniture in hand.

    That’s an awful lot of fireworks, but Diwali’s still better 😀

    Not for long though…

  2. Shameless plug: The plugin’s been released…someone please stumble it? (See my last great read :P)

    Btw, some of that architecture is really nice. I like how the church and similar buildings contrast the more modern places.

    Ulquiorras last great read…WP Plugin: StumbleUpon Favorites~!

  3. Next time, I’m so going to Ottawa to celebrate. No one bothered to display the flag outside their house. I was so freakin’ surprised and a bit pissed. I couldn’t go to downtown since I was feeling tired. No one to go with anyway. How did you manage to take a picture of the fireworks? I tried before but it didn’t came out nice.

    bluefishs last great read…Everybody’s kung fu fighting

  4. Thanks for taking us with – you know I’m always curious about other nations habits. I bit different from our 17th of May in Norway, but it seams like you had fun and that’s the most important!

    Belated Happy Canada Day 🙂

  5. Hey happy Canada Day!! Sorry I am a day late 🙁 I just love love love fireworks so it looks like my kind of holiday. I miss the fire works on the 4th of July, there are no fireworks in the summer here in Norway – too light outside! Wonderful pics!!

    DianeCAs last great read…Sand in my soul

  6. pocketcultures on

    Great photos! I was reading about Canada day so it’s great to see what it actually looks like!

  7. @johnada – Great idea! Ottawa is nice. Don’t listen to what people say in Toronto 😉 And we actually have an okay hockey team!

    @Ulquiorra – Yeah, Canadians don’t know much about fireworks… Chinese ones are the best 😉

    @Seraphine – Ottawa is pretty, a bit small maybe (in my opinion) but lots of green places.

    @The Pilgrim – Thank you! Fireworks are tricky, hard to get a good picture.

    @Ulquiorra – I’ll check out the plugin. Ottawa is a mix of different architectures, I’m not a specialist, but the modern/ old stroke me when I arrived as well.

    @bluefish – Taking good picture of fireworks is hard. I had the camera really still and a good spot this time. I totally screw up my pictures on the New Year fireworks, so I learned my lesson!

    @RennyBA – It’s always fun to see so many people gathering in Ottawa, and Canadians do like their National Day, so it makes it even better.

    @DianeCA – I never thought of that! Do you have 24 hrs daylight right now? Must be weird!

    @Spyder – The maple leaf, always a classic 😉

    @Jennie –

    Aw, I wish I could have been there!! I love Canada day! Ottawa looks so pretty!

    @pocketcultures – Glad you liked the pictures!

  8. Zhu, it sounds like you had a wonderful day! And those photographs are a fantastic way of sharing the moment with us. The fireworks look amazing.

    Best wishes ~ Graham 🙂

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