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Picture of the Week – “Capital BIXI” Are Back

BIXI at the Byward Market, May 2013
BIXI at the Byward Market, May 2013

It’s prime tourist season here in Ottawa, and with the nice weather, the “Capital BIXI” are back on the road—the stations had been removed during winter time when only hardcore Canadians dare to bike.

There are racks of red bikes ready to be borrowed all across the downtown core—but I can’t say they are very popular. I snapped this shot close to the Byward Market and the BIXI docks seemed to be full, i.e. none of the bicycles was rented out.

Apparently, you need a credit card to rent them, which may be a problem for people who do not necessarily have a credit card, especially foreign tourists. You also need to leave a $250 deposit, which seems a bit too much for a bike…!

I’d rather walk or take the bus—I still think Canada wasn’t built for bicycles and riders, unlike some European countries.

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