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Capture the Colour Photo Contest

Self-Portrait, Ottawa, May 2012
Katherina, a gifted blogger, traveler and photographer from Spain, recently invited me to participate in the Capture the Colour Photo Contest, organized by TravelSupermarket. Her own entry was very inspirational, and I couldn’t resist digging into my photostream to try to match it.

The rules of the contest are simple: each blogger must choose 5 photos representing Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red. The winner of each color category will win an iPad, and the overall winner takes home 2,000 GBP. Sounds cool, no?

Here are my picks. All the pictures were taken in Ottawa:

Blue: I always loved these huge build­ings with mirror-like facades in Ottawa’s downtown core. If the sky is nice, it’s like watching a movie on a big screen TV!

Clouds Reflection (Ottawa)

Green: In Ottawa, when it rains, it pours. And I love the quiet moment after a thunderstorm, when the last drops of water cling to flowers and plants.

After the Rain (Ottawa)

Yellow: One day, I got tired of shooting the tulips at the yearly eponymous festival in Ottawa, and decided to try to find new angles. This was one of my favourite shots.

Heart of a Tulip (Ottawa)

White: White has to be Ottawa after a surprise snow storm. Trust me, I froze my ass off to take that shot!

Winter Storm (Ottawa)

Red: This is probably my favourite colour and it’s everywhere in Canada, starting with our flag. But to illustrate red, I’d rather pick this single tulip and the bokeh in the background–feels like a painting, doesn’t it?

Red Tulip (Ottawa)

It’s now my turn to invite a few talented bloggers to participate in the contest:

Good luck everyone! The contest closes on August 29, 2012.

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