Carnac, Vannes, And Menhirs

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Mysterious Carnac, on the coast, and Vannes… our last stops.


Walking in the middle of nowhere, we saw old stones everywhere.

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We also stopped in Vannes, on the way back to Nantes.

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Back to Canada this Thursday… Anyone to help us shovel one month’s worth of snow in front of the house?


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Are those stones just regular stones, not tombstones? They look eerily mystical.

    And speaking of snow, we had a couple of good weather recently. I don’t think you still have a pile, since my pile melted almost completely by now. But then, my front lawn faces the south so that helps.

    Linguist-in-Waiting’s last blog post..Latin Squares are Sexy

  2. Wow, what a completely creepy place! I’m going to have to study up on that spot later today. As for the shoveling … well, if you can’t take the winter, you don’t deserve the summer (or the vacation!) …

    Ghosty’s last blog post..I Missed the Boat

  3. How great you have captured this amazing place – the stones looks majestic – thanks for sharing!

    You know what; I do understand your concerned about the snow – we’ve even had almost one meeter in Oslo, Norway.

    Btw: I gave you a bit of Link Love on my last post as an example of how Blogsphere connecting people – again 😉

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Blogging, A Givers Gain

  4. Yo Zhu, I’ll volunteered to clear all that pile of snow. Wait for me to fly over hope it is not melting yet kekekek… 🙂

  5. Anthony Johnson on

    More Good Photos of megalithic thingys'(that’s the correct archaeological term for them here in Oxford). I would love some hi-res versions of the group of 4 if you were happy to send one day, just for teaching a collection, you have copyright,if they were ever printed you would get some$$ ! Have a good trip home, enjoyed your log.

  6. Hey Zhu!

    What a beautiful place!!! Those standing stones are magical 😀 !

    So, you will be back today, huh? Godspeed, dear 😀 !
    I wish I could be in Canada to help you shovel the snow 😉 !


    Max Coutinho’s last blog post..The Unknown

  7. @Larry Gambone – It rained most of the time we were there too… Brittany! Pretty fascinating place, isn’t it?

    @Art – I think the UK one is on top of my list now as well.

    @sir jorge – From what I know, you already know the world quite well… at least for N. America!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – I just got back tonight and although the driveway is cleared (my in-laws…) I can’t believe how high the snow pile has gotten. Crazy! These stones are… pretty much a mystery. But definitely not tombstone as far as we know.

    @zunnur – Thanks for the tag, something fun to do soon! Igloo… but I already live in one, remember? 😉

    @Ghosty – Oh man, you’re too hard on me! The place is actually anything but creepy… pretty mysterious though.

    @durano lawayan – I just got back and the trip was definitely faster than last time! 😉 Still a good day of traveling though.

    @johnada – That’s a mystery! The stones were put there roughly 2 000 B.C (!!) and people assume they were brought there for some ceremony. How people got them there before the invention of the wheel is a big question though.

    @RennyBA – We had over 5 meters of snow in Canada! Crazy, isn’t it? I just read your last post quick… lucky guy, keep on receiving stuffs from the world 😉 Thanks for the link luv, web lover!

    @shionge – I knew YOU would help! 😀

    @Aiglee – Thanks! Hey, Europe is pretty close to us actually… well worth a trip in the future!

    @Anthony Johnson – No problem, I’ll be in touch with you by email. Since I’m back you will hear from me soon!

    @ammaro – I’m indeed a bit depressed….

    @Max Coutinho – Magical is the word! It’s a fascinating place… I had never had a chance to see it before! Gotta go shovel now :mrgreen:

    @Ineke – I didn’t do anything! 😆 It didn’t snow in Brittany, thanks God!

    @Graham – Thank you! I’ll definitely go see Stonehenge in the UK in the future, loved the feeling of the place. I was inspired by your pictures let’s say 😉

  8. I would help you with the shoveling but my back is a bit off these days… How was that for a lazy man’s excuse now?

    Non-convincing you say eh? Oh well, I tried to break the bad news to you in the most uneventful way possible and you still wouldn’t have it anyway…

    Oh well there is no pleasing some people it seems:).

    Beautiful pictures as always and keep up the good fight against the snow!


    deadpoolite’s last blog post..A “nasty” mission briefing:)

  9. Hi Zhu,
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    Best wishes, Alberto

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