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Anything related to my new life under the snow. From bitching about the weather to hockey games and the Stanley Cup, from culture shock to shocking culture, from old Europe to the New Continent, whatever is on my newcomer’s mind!

Life in Ottawa Suburbia, Ottawa, June 2019
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Crow Attack

I’ve been to San Pedro Sula, dodgy parts of Rio, Salvador and Porto Alegre, I survived shitty border towns but damn, I’m avoiding Crow Street, Suburbia, Ottawa.

Traditions, Events and Holidays
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The transition, these ten hours spent on a cramped plane, a day of travel in total, was almost too fast. And on top of that, today, I’m apparently turning 36. Crazy world, I’m telling you.

Canadian Life
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When Canada Was Really Shitty

I spent most of September and October working on a very long assignment I’d call the “Inuit project”. “The who?” my mom asked when I mentioned the workload that was keeping me awake until ungodly hours.

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