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Interviews with newcomers to Canada.

Immigrants Interviews
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[Interview] Chiruza Canadiense: An Argentinian Stuck in Immigration Limbo

Welcome to the 2013 edition of “Ten Immigrants, Ten Interviews!” In this series, we will explore the motivations of ten prospective immigrants and newcomers to Canada.
“Chiruza Canadiense” is a young professional woman in her thirties. She is from Argentina and lives in Buenos Aires. She is one of these thousands of immigrants who applied under Quebec’s skilled worker category and she is stuck in processing limbo.

Immigrants Interviews
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Nui: From Thailand to Ottawa

We will start today with Nui, from Thailand, who recently arrived in Ottawa. After years on the move around the world, Nui and her Canadian-German husband decided to settle in Canada. They lived in Kingston for a while and are now in Ottawa, where Nui is launching her small business.

Immigrants Interviews
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Oui, I hablo Spanish!

A little while ago, Guillermo, my good blog friend and fellow immigrant in Ottawa, asked me if he could interview me. “No worries!” I replied—hey, who doesn’t like being interviewed?

“The interview would be in Spanish” he quickly added. See, Guillermo and is family are from Argentina and even though I know for sure he speaks English fluently, the interview was for his Spanish blog.

“Well, sure” I replied, mentally reviewing who could edit my Spanish replies.

“Oh, and it’s a recorded interview” he finally added.

Immigrants Interviews
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Gill: From Britain To Brampton

Today, I’d like you to meet my final interviewee: Gill, also known as That British Woman. Originally from a small 2,000 people town in Cumbria, Britain, her husband and she decided to move to Canada, looking for a better future for their children. In 1989, they settled in Brampton, Ontario. The city of then 200,000 surprised them and she later declared the experience had been an eye-opened.

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