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Immigrating to Canada 101.

Permanent Residence in Canada
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Immigrating to Canada: 6 Years Later, What Changed?

Six years ago, I was one of the many applicants waiting for permanent residence in Canada. Citizenship and Immigration’s website was updated weekly, so every Monday I logged in to check my application status. And every week, I sighted because the status invariably showed as “in process”.
One day, I read the magic words: “decision made”.
So, immigration-wise, what changed since 2005?

Permanent Residence in Canada
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Uncovering An Immigration Job Scam

Let’s play detective!
I already talked about job scams. Today, I will show you how to not be tricked by scammers based on a recent example.
A little while ago, I received a comment. The author of the comment was wondering if the job she had applied for was a scam. She pasted a quote of the email she had received. When it saw it, I knew it was fishy.

Permanent Residence in Canada
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Four Years, Already…

Exactly four years ago, I got up very early. Feng and I got in the car still half asleep. It was a big day for me: I was crossing the border to the U.S.A only to come back to Canada a few minutes later, to validate my permanent resident visa and to become a landed immigrant.

Permanent Residence in Canada
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How To Bank in Canada (4/10)

Unless you’re from the U.S.A, chances are you will find banking a bit confusing when arriving in Canada. Interact, checking and saving accounts, credit cards may be new to you. Besides, opening a bank account on a resident visa and applying for a credit card can seem challenging. Let’s have a closer look at that!

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