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The path to Canadian citizenship, from the application to the oath.

The Road to Canadian Citizenship
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The Pros and Cons to Canadian Citizenship

I recently received two questions about my still relatively new Canadian citizenship. One reader asked me if there were any drawbacks to applying for Canadian citizenship and another asked me why I decided to become Canadian. Since applying for Canadian citizenship is usually the ultimate goal for most permanent residents, I’m going to try to answer both questions.

The Road to Canadian Citizenship
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I Can Vote!

On March 4th, I went to accomplish my duty as a new Canadian citizen: I voted for the first time in Canada at the provincial bylection in Ottawa West-Nepean.I drove to the polling station slightly honored I could now vote. I know, I’m weird.
By comparison, voting in France is more ceremonious. I received my carte d’électeur when I turned 18 and I couldn’t wait to use it.

The Road to Canadian Citizenship
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Citizenship Ceremony In Ottawa

As of this morning, 12:30…I am Canadian!

We arrived at the Sciences and Technology museum around 11:00 am. It didn’t start very well: it was raining and there had been a power outage and we queued in the dark. Have you ever tried to sign a bunch of papers with the help of a flashlight? Not my best signature, I’d bet.

Canadian Immigration
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I made It

I knew this envelope, with the little Canadian flag on it: it had brought me good news and bad news over the last five years. I was usually in a hurry to ripe it open, to read the letter inside. But this time, I paused.

The Road to Canadian Citizenship
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Please No Smiling

I’m applying for Canadian citizenship. Finally. I meet all the requirements: I have been in Canada for a minimum of two years and I lived there for at least 1,095 days for the last three years. I haven’t been charged or convicted of anything. I speak French and English. I’m that close to be Canadian… minus the one-year citizenship application’s processing time.