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Mark in daycare, 2014-2016.

The Quotable Stage

According to the French wisdom—built upon centuries of losing wars, drinking wine and having sex—"la vérite sort de la bouche des enfants".

Mark, Version 3.5

I'm sending a message of hope to other parents: if your kid is stuck in the baby or toddler phase, don't worry, they actually do grow up... and become fascinating little human beings!

Polite Fiction

With forced cheer and social gatherings, the entire month of December is a prime time of the year for the fine art of social niceties—“The turkey isn't dry at all!", "What a thoughtful gift!", "I'm...

Santa Replied!

Mark got a reply from Santa, I just got the letter. So I’m taping a piece of chocolate to it because everybody knows that Santa delivers chocolate.

The Letter

When I announced I was going to do the Santa letter with Mark, instead of praising my thoughtful mothering skills, Feng shrugged. "What does he understand about Christmas?"

The Little Seed

By the look of deep annoyance on his face, I gather that if he had the vocabulary to tell me to go to hell, he would. But he settles for the usual "GO. AWAY."


Mark is turning three. Please, don't say "they grow up so fast." Some days, they don't grow up fast enough. Trust me.

The Packed Lunch Tradition… with Pictures!

I had to send Mark to daycare with a toddler-size lunch box. They grow up so fast. And new responsibilities are dumped on you quicker than you can say "here is five bucks, grab something at Subway."

“Yes, Thank you”

Three words that are, in theory, easy to pronounce. English 101. But in real life, accepting help is a bit trickier. I know I'm not good at it. Surely, I can't be the only one?

Twinkle Pee Twinkle Poo Stars

If you asked him what we were doing while he was at daycare, his answer back then was straightforward: "Daddy working. Mommy pee-pee."

“A” Is Not For Airplane

We all agree that "C" is for "car", and "D" is for "dog", but conventional wisdom is lost again at "E", which isn't for "elephant" or "ear" but "egg".

Black Hole (A Wet One)

One minute, I'm saving the world, adding commas and hyphenating compound adjectives, and next thing you know, I'm trying to remember whether the daycare centre’s door opens after typing *1234 or...