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Adventures Around The World

Follow me to China, Central and South America, Australia, South-East Asia or Europe. Enjoy the pics and crazy travel stories!

Île de Nantes and Loire River, France

Night Walk Magic

Suddenly, just like that and just for us, the city puts on an amazing and unexpected show. Lights reflect on water, the moon shines, everything looks magically and disconcertingly different.

Cours Franklin Roosevelt, Nantes, August 2020

Mask Up (Everywhere)

One by one, French cities and towns have been making face masks mandatory outdoors for a couple of weeks now. Le Monde’s headlines were getting ridiculous—“masks mandatory outdoors in Lille! In Paris...

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, July 2020

The Unreal Trip

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, July 2020 Who on earth travels in a middle of the pandemic? Aren’t borders closed? Us. And yes… but no. Mark just passed out on the TGV a few minutes after the train...

Nathan Phillips Square, Queen Street West, Toronto

Six Days All Over Toronto

For the first time ever in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, foreigners were eyed suspiciously—and by “foreigners,” I mean anyone not from the neighbourhood, regardless of...