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France – Summer 2015

Our 2015 summer trip to France.

Don’t Lick Your Computer Screen

Article views: 12 While we are flying from the old world to the new continent, enjoy some bread and pastries on me. Just don’t lick your computer screen. Pains au chocolat Baguettes viennoises Baguettes viennoises Bread Bread Bread Viennoiseries Cookies and Croissants Pastries...

Cookies Heaven

“Fifty euro worth of cookies? Are you crazy?” I thought. A pack costs about €1.15 at the supermarket. Fancier cookies are slightly more expensive, but still, we are talking less than €3. And then we stepped inside, and I understood.


In addition to locals and tourists, there are roughly four kinds of people who hang out in the streets of Nantes: homeless people, street artists, beggars from Eastern Europe and “guys with dogs”.

Not (Really) Guilty

Article views: 0 “You’ve never visited the Courthouse?” “I didn’t even know you could go inside!” “Feng and I have been there a few times. They let you in as long as you don’t linger. They probably don’t want tons of tourists inside.” My mom, Mark and I were in front of the massive...

Conquer Your Fears

This year, the first time we walked by the carousel, Mark asked for a ride. “Are you sure?” I asked. “I’m not going with you, I’m standing on the side.” “Not scared.”


Train tracks just outside the city offer a gritty scenery—giant scars punctuated by wires and posts with huge metal monsters going full speed.

Industrial Wasteland on a Rainy Day

Article views: 72 Some days are sunny, some days are cloudy and some days are—gasp!—rainy. I grew up in Nantes, I can take rain. In Canada, when rain is forecast, people don’t even go out. In Nantes, it’s business as usual, most of us don’t even bother with umbrellas or raincoats. Getting...