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France – Spring 2009

A 2009 trip to my hometown, Nantes, and to Paris. Features French food articles and French culture.

French Pastries

There are "pâtisseries" and "boulangeries" everywhere, the first ones specializing in cakes and elaborate pastries, the second ones offering many kinds of bread and basic bakery products.

Bourgeoise Nantes

Class struggle is still omnipresent in France. Because politics is a national pastime, people like to describe themselves as "à droite" (right-wing), "à gauche" (left-wing), "soixante-huitard" (a person who either participated in the May 1968 Movement or has Utopian ideas) etc.

Artsy Nantes

If you follow the Loire river from downtown, you will find a bridge that crosses to the "isle of Nantes", a former shipyard turned into a leisure and cultural site.