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French Summer 2016

Our summer 2016 trip to France.

Water, Mirrors and Reflections

I find that one of life’s greatest pleasures is the juxtaposition of contrasts that makes little things more precious: working hard before allowing yourself a day off, sipping an iced drink...

The Parc des Oblates

Spotting Mark at the playground is easy: he is the only kid who shouts "Oh, my GOD!" when he is annoyed, and "Oh, my GOODNESS!" when he is amazed.

French Shops

On August 15, Catholics will celebrate the Assumption of Mary, and the rest of us will roam around the city, looking for that one opened bakery to buy a baguette.

Urban Art and Curiosities

It's amazing how much these urban objects can tell about a culture. So today, no people... just ubiquitous and unsung pieces of the French urban landscape.