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French Summer 2017

Our summer 2017 trip to France.

Sun, Rain and Reflections

I had too much faith in French summer weather. Somehow, I had forgotten Nantes is close to Brittany, where the local joke is “oh oui, we had a nice, dry summer—I remember, it was on July 29.”

Sunday Is Food Activism Day

Once upon a time, before large supermarket chains took over most of the developed world, shopping at local markets was a standard feature of daily life. Nowadays, most French fill their shopping cart...

“Trois Baskets”

“I asked for a… baguette au sésame. But they didn’t understand me at first, because I pronounced it as seSAmee instead of SAYsame.”

Trip Status: “It’s Complicated”

It’s not just a trip, it’s an existential journey because I’m Feng’s wife, Mark’s mother, because I’m also a sister, a grand-daughter, a niece, and because deep down I’m still a little girl who wants...