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South America 2018-2019

Our winter 2019 trip to Brazil, and my own solo trip all the way to Chile.

AC 093

After packing, finishing a last-minute badly timed work assignment and eating dinner, I decide to lie in bed for a couple of hours. It’s already almost 3 a.m., will I hear the alarm at 5:30 a.m.? Is...

The Shopping Carts Mystery

When I moved into the studio I’m renting in Santiago, I noticed several shopping carts parked by the elevator, in the lobby of the residential high-rise building. Every night, the shopping carts were...

The First Time

You take off your clothes and lie there, half-naked, waiting.Your friends and plenty of women's magazines told you it might hurt the first time.You’re not quite sure what to expect, but you’re ready.

Four Days in Santiago

Every time I go from one place to another, I feel like I’m hurling myself out into thin air. Taking a leap of faith out of whatever comfort zone you created into the unknown is scary but terribly...

The Valparaíso Option

Valparaíso is backpacker central. Chile’s most colourful city is also a magnet for rich tourists, artists and pretty much anyone who lands in Santiago—it’s next door to the capital, only two hours by...

To the Virgin and Back

“Tengo sed,” it said on the Cross.“I’m thirsty too, Jesus. I’ve just hiked to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal—and by the way, I have no idea how to go down. What’s your story, already?”