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Changing Sky

The weather is very unreliable these days. It changes back and forth, one second it’s hot and humid, the next one it’s cold and stormy. It’s warm when we go to bed and we wake up shivering because the temperature dropped during the night. Or we snuggle under layers of blankets and get rid of them during the night because the temperature went up again. Crazy.

It’s not summer anymore yet it’s not really fall yet. We are stuck somewhere in between. How many times did I realize it was colder inside than outside lately? How many times did I open the door to feel a puff of warm air and a stormy sky? How many times was I walking outside under a nice blue sky which turned into a thunderstorm in less than two seconds?

Frankly, it’s a bit tiring.

At least the clouds and the sky look cool these days.

Clouds Invasion!
Looming Over The Experimental Farm
Blue and Yellow
Fluffy Orange Clouds
Stormy Sky
Fire Sunset

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