Chinese Food (中国菜)

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Eating 包子 (Baozi)

Eating 包子 (Baozi)

Oh, Chinese food!

These are my personal favorite: Bāozi (包子) and Beijing Duck (北京烤鸭). These two dishes are relatively unknown overseas, where “Chinese food” is often a synomym of “Fried Rice”, “Chow Mien” and “Egg Foo Yung”… and other dishes that cater to Western taste and are everything but Chinese!

Bāozi (steamed filled buns) can be found in pretty much any restaurant or food stall. It can be filled with vegetable, meat, broth etc. We ate the best bāozi at a restaurant called Goubuli (狗不理包子): the name literally means, “Baozi that dogs ignore“! This is where I took the pictures.

The Baozi Kitchen

The Baozi Kitchen

Making Baozi

Making Baozi

Eating Out At Goubuli

Eating Out At Goubuli

Two Baskets of Baozi, the Sauce and An Egg Soup

Two Baskets of Baozi, the Sauce and An Egg Soup

Duck Kitchen

Duck Kitchen

This is of course Beijing’s most famous dish: Beijing Duck (北京烤鸭). We ate ours at Quanjude (全聚德), a famous local restaurant.

The duck was sliced in front of us. We ate the meat with steamed pancakes, onions and plum sauce.

Tea, Plum Sauce, Ginger and Onion

Tea, Plum Sauce, Ginger and Onion

Cutting The Duck

Cutting The Duck

Duck Skin and Sugar

Duck Skin and Sugar

Some Duck, Sauce, Onion on a Pancake

Some Duck, Sauce, Onion on a Pancake


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  1. Yum!!!

    I make a variation on Peking Duck taught to me by an old boy-friend who was chinese. First course is the skin and pancakes dish, second is soup and third is the meat stir-fried with beansprouts. I havent made it for years as I’m too lazy to cook the duck myself and I cant get them here. But looking at your post has made me really hungry for it 🙂

    Pennys last great read…Le footing!

  2. Dim Sum is just the best thing in the world!! The steamed buns are really considered the mark of a good cook, they are rated on thier buns LOL! I have even made these filled with pork at home once. One of my best friends is Chinese and we have tried a lot of crazy stuff. Tonight as it would happen we visited one of her friends (also Chinese) and we ate home made fresh won tons….oh my gosh they were to do for!!!

    DianeCAs last great read…Release party! I am published!

  3. Just a update-

    In India to be specific in one of the states called Maharashtra. They have same thing like Bāozi, its called “Modak” (ckeck- Only but BIG difference between them is Bāozi is made of Veg/Meat and Modak is a sweet dish. It has a stuffing of coconut and Jiggery! 🙂 These Modaks are favorite of one of the Indian God. Afterall Asian foods are somewhat alike 😉

  4. My takeaway favourite is Chinese chicken curry. I know it’s not “authentic” as such, but the Chinese curry is totally unlike anything Indian, and takeaways up and down the length of Britain make curry sauce that’s pretty much the same. Now I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a recipe for this and still have yet to find a satisfactory one. You certainly cannot make it using garam masala or madras currypowder. I have some Chinese curry powder that’s far more suitable (it always has an orangey-yellow tinge to it) I’ve been told star anise might be the secret ingredient… also it’s v heavy on onion/garlic. I think I asked you this before, but have you any ideas or better still a recipe for this elusive Chinese curry sauce? I’d be ever so grateful as the search is doing my head in! Many thanks


    Gledwoods last great read…Sick in the Night

  5. Oh My… Hi Zhu,

    I shouldn’t have come here today, and at this very time. I just had a terrible lunch that consisted of mushy overcooked vegetables that were overripe to start with, and it was so utterly tasteless.

    Now I see all these photos of Chinese food whose taste and aroma I can feel and it churns my stomach! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh!

    I think I’ll have a glass eggplant juice. It’s the only drink available. Perhaps adding a little snake egg sauce will make it tastier. LOL! 🙂 –Durano, done!

  6. @Penny – I think that<s exactly how you’re supposed to eat “Canard Laqué” 😉 You must be a good cook (or in love with the then-boyfriend), duck is not easy to cook right.

    @kyh – I don’t think I ever tried. I’m sure there are some Malay immigrants in Canada but no restaurants in Ottawa to my knowledge… too bad.

    @Art – Oh, same here! People keep on asking me where to find the “best chinese food in Ottawa” — I don’t have a clue, I don’t really go to Chinese restaurants here!

    @Bluefish – Something to look for in… Denmark? 😆

    @DianeCA – Dim Sum (Cantonese jiaozi) are my favorite too. I ate them for breakfast almost everyday in HK!

    @Aiglee – Isn’t it great to live in an immigrants’ country!

    @Eric “Speedcat Hollydale” – Me a duck? Please, don’t eat me! 😆

    @Annie – Interesting, I had never heard of it! I know some jiaozi/ baozi (dumpling) can also be sweet but mostly in Southern China. Southerners have a sweet tooth! I really have to try more Indian food.

    @Gledwood – You know, it’s funny, I had never heard of Chinese curry. I’m wondering if this is “Chinese-English” food, like ‘General Tao’s Chicken” in Canada or the USA. Looks like English like curry, so it’s likely.

    @durano lawayan – Even I get hungry when I see these pictures again! 😆

    @Scarlet – Taste like dumplings… you’d love them!

  7. I think Beijing Duck is world-famous, but there are few chefs in North America who are good in it.

    Baozi is common in my country (Malaysia). Even Muslims have learned from Chinese and make their ‘halal’ boa.

    Khengsiongs last great read…Tom Yam Coup

  8. I mean I ate…maybe Chinese New Year in Taiwan 16 years ago…
    I was walking along a shopping street in Copenhagen and noticed this Chinese restaurant that offers Beijing Duck.

  9. it would seem that steam-filled buns would burn the mouth!
    but seriously, there is another difference between american and chinese ‘chinese’ cooking. look how clean the chinese kitchens are! i love that the food server wears a face mask while chopping food at the table (although, i feel sorry for the duck).

    Seraphines last great read…Talk Only to the Girls that Turn You On

  10. That’s it, the missus and I are off to dim sum tomorrow. Is Peeking Duck (Beijing duck) the same as Crispy Duck that we get in the UK and Europe? (served crisp and shredded off the bone, with pancakes, hoisin sauce, onions and cucumbers)

    beaverbooshs last great read…Big Bang

  11. Hmmmmm! I totally agree with what you said regarding “Chinese” food here in the Western world. There is one such joint in campus, and yes, there’s Lo Mein, there’s General Tso’s Chicken, but as you said, it isn’t Chinese.

    Sad to say but the last time I really ate real Chinese food was in a Japanese shopping street. I got those steamed buns filled with meat, and then they had deep-fried chicken bits as well. Reading your entry made me crave.

    Linguist-in-Waitings last great read…Phases

  12. Pancakes, duck meat, onions, plum sauce..interesting!

    Baozi so fit the description of momos. Momos are like steamed dumplings with different kinds of fillings in them and I had eaten it first in the State of Sikkim. Loved it.

    Celines last great read…Monsoon Magic

  13. @Khengsiong – Chinese has a Muslim minority too (the Hui) and I believe it’s quite easy to find ‘halal’ baozi. I really have to taste Malaysian food!

    @Bluefish – Lucky you! I can’t find a proper Beijing Duck restaurant in Ottawa…

    @Seraphine – To be fair, not all kitchens are that clean. In big and famous places yes, anywhere else… you just eat on the street, and they cook on the street too! 😆 Thanks for the photo praise 😉 I sure hope the ducks don’t come alive though.

    @durano lawayan – Thank you so much for the award! I’m going to check this out right now.

    @beaverboosh – I believe it’s the same thing… just a different name.

    @RennyBA – I found some great Chinese food around the world but I must say that Beijing duck always tastes better in Beijing for me!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – It’s really really hard to find some “real” Chinese food. Even in Chinatown…

    @Celine – From the comments, I gather every culture seems to have an equivalent to baozi. Funny! Now I wanna taste them all of course 😉

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