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Nantes Under Siege During a Major Protest

Spring is usually the start of “protest season”, so I wasn’t surprised when I heard a demonstration was planned this Saturday. The issue? Nantes’ new airport plan. The mayor wants to build a brand new airport, and some constituents argue that they are being expropriated.

At noon, the police force deployed already seemed pretty disproportionate.

A chopper was flying above the city. The main streets were heavily patrolled by the gendarmerie (soldiers employed on police duty) and the CRS (riot control forces). It felt like being under siege.

Meanwhile, protesters were blocking the city’s main arteries with a long lineup of tractors.

Eventually, the protest settled place du Cirque.  Yeah, it wasn’t going to end up well.

Cop Chopper Above The City
Streets Blocked
Police Blocking The Streets
Tractors Blocking The Road
Ready To Fight?
In The Demonstration
Tractors in the Demonstration
Cobblestone Used Against The Police
Tagging The Wall
Not Going To End Well…
Chopper Above The City
Ready To Fight
An Arrest
In The Demonstration
After The Fight
After The Fight
After The Fight

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