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Picture of the Week – The Classic Ottawa Shot

One of the most classic shots of Ottawa: The Canal and the Parliament, Ottawa, May 2012

Locals and tourists often comment on Ottawa’s postcard-perfect views and main sights, such as the Parliament, the Rideau Canal and the Ottawa Locks. Indeed, Ottawa is a very picturesque city, especially when it comes to landmarks and landscapes. It has a great mix of waterways, parks, and historic buildings and it’s very clean.

Mackenzie King Bridge, behind the Rideau Centre, offers one of the best viewpoints on the downtown core. From the bridge, you can easily capture three of Ottawa’s landmarks—the Rideau Canal, the Parliament, and Château Laurier. The best seasons for a postcard-perfect shot are winter (when the Canal is frozen and people skate on it) and summer. But it doesn’t look as good when the Canal is drained.

I allow myself a shot for each season, no more—otherwise, it’s cheating because the sceenry is too perfect!


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