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How to Prepare Your Body as Winter Arrives

Surviving Winter 101

Thanksgiving Weekend was definitely the last few warm days we enjoyed. It’s fall, winter is on its way and the change of temperature was brutal. Sunset is early now, it’s pitch black by 7 p.m. and it’s about to be darker even sooner since we’ve just clocked to Daylight Saving Time.

Suddenly, the very same indoor malls I avoided all summer (it’s too cold with the air-con on!) look welcoming again and I don’t want to take quick cold showers anymore but lounge around in the steamy bathroom.

Little by little, I reverted to my winter accessories and products.

I’m picky about my beauty products because I want them to be: 1) affordable; 2) easy to use; 3) effective.

Let me spare you the search for perfect products—I have what you need!

Here are my picks for the season:

Hand cream

I know I should wear gloves but I just can’t bring myself to—come on, it’s only November! Besides, I always lose them or forget to put them on.

A good cream is the best way I found to protect my hands from winter dryness. I’m a big fan of The Body Shop Hemp Cream ($18.50 for a large tube). It’s rich and very moisturizing but it doesn’t leave hands greasy. Plus I love the smell, although I find it too strong to use the other products from the same line.

Lip balm

I love lip balms! They are easy to carry and most smell really good. The basic one I use is Blistex Mint (about $2.00).

I’m also a big fan of Burt Bee’s lip balms (about $5.00) that taste like honey and are super hydrating.

Finally, I have a fancier version, Nuxe’s Rêves de Miel (about $18.00). The texture of that one is much thicker and non-glossy but the fragrance is awesome and it does wonders on dry lips. Note to self: must stop buying so many lip balms…

Scented soap

Back when I lived in France, I always used liquid soap. French have an amazing variety of body washes of all fragrances and for all skin types. However, the choice isn’t as wide in Canada and I found most body washes are expensive and don’t rinse well. So I reverted to bar soap.

I guess I could buy the cheapest one (usually Ivory Soap) but I like to splurge on organic and natural soaps. My favourites are from L’Occitane and are between $6.00 and $14.00 for the biggest bars. One bar lasts for a couple of months taking a shower every day so to me it is worth it.


For a few years, I was faithful to Shiseido’s purifying cleansing foam. But last spring, my mother sent me L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Soap and I immediately fell in love with it.

This is a soap bar but don’t get fooled, the texture is amazingly rich. When I discovered L’Occitane’s soap was only $12.00, I ditched Shiseido and the $35 cleanser. My skin has never been happier!


For the winter, I need a very moisturizing cream to protect it. I’m a huge fan of Nuxe products (and I can now find them in Canada!) and often use either the Crème fraîche debeauté or the Crème prodigieuse enrichie (both around $35.00). I also like the Huile prodigieuse: the texture is surprising but this is dry oil so it’s not greasy.

How about you? What beauty products do you use to survive the dreaded Canadian winter? Any tips?

Unfortunately, this was NOT a sponsored post. But if these brands want to ship me gifts, samples and other bribes, they are welcome to do so.

Surviving Winter Kit

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