Picture of the Week: The Contortionist

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The Contortionist, Sparks Street, Ottawa, July 2011

Last Saturday, I stopped by Sparks Street to check out the Buskerfest, Ottawa’s annual street performer festival.I love street art—it really livens up a city.

I spent over 40 minutes watching this contortionist from Australia. Unfortunately, the only flexible part in my body is my fingers. I can bend them in ways that would make you cringe. But I can’t do splits for the life of me and I can feel how tight my muscles are when I do yoga. Which, by the way, didn’t make me more flexible in any way.

Oh well. I guess I won’t be a contortionist when I grow up.

You can see all the Buskerfest pictures in the Flickr set.


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  1. Regarding neeraj’s comment, how come I don’t have the flexibility of the chinese when i myself is of chinese heritage? :p

    These contortionists can really make bends that will drop your jaws! I wonder whether their bones are made of rubber lol!

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