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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Awesome. 🙂
    We’re leaving for India now. First France — it will be cold 🙁 I haven’t seen snow since we were in Korea a few years ago. I’m quite excited, we don’t get to see snow very often.

  2. @Bluefish – Tu m´etonnes… 🙂

    @Agnes – France isn´t that cold… just humid. Brings layers of clothes and you will be fine. Hope you enjoy it! As for India, can´t wait to read about it! I know I´m late…

  3. Hola Zhu!

    Como andas? Chica…buena vida, no? 😀
    I love the beach (particularly with palm trees)!

    Sarongs!! I hope you got a few: there is nothing like wearing them in hot weather!

    Diviertete, guapa!


  4. @Scarlet – IT´s a great country, for sure. Next time you can apply for a translator position with me, I´ll consider your application carefully! 😆

    @barbara – It does look like what I think Hawai looks like! Minus the huuuge waves, of course…

    @kyh – And the burning hot sand too!

    @Max Coutinho – Pura vida, as they say here! I missed the beach for so long, I´m glad to be back.

  5. I spent a few years in Costa Rica, half that time was in Puerto Cortes. I just went to Google, typed in Puerto Cortes, Costa Rica, and up came a photo of, yep, go figure, Puerto Cortes! I followed it to this site and now I can’t find it anywhere!

    Whoever/wherever you are, if you could send me some images of Puerto Cortes I’d be grateful beyond description! I had my camera stolen in San Jose and now I don’t have a single photo of my time in that great country. The only memories I have are the ones in my mind, I have no tangible proof I was even there! I sure do miss it, Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a lot of good hard working, God fearing, family loving people.

    Via MebApp.com

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