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Picture of the Week – Curious Ant

Curious Ant

Canada is a pretty sterile land during the winter. Most animals hibernate once the thick blanket of snow has fallen and all you get to see is a few rabbits. But once the flowers bloom, it feels like we are on Noah’s Ark. Even though we live in the city, a fifteen-minute drive from the Parliament, we have all kinds of animals show up around the house: rabbits, squirrels, skunks (we don’t often see them but we smell them!), many species of birds and insects.

Canadians often joke about being a mosquito country, and each city claims to have the biggest bloodsuckers. I find Canadian mosquitoes annoying but pretty dumb: they buzz around, tease you and then land on something (preferably a white wall) and wait to get killed. Ahem…

I was trying to get a macro shot of the flowers that just bloomed outside the house when a small ant decided to pose for the picture. Curious little critter!


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