Deep River, Ontario

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I hadn’t stayed overnight in a small town in a while. I forgot how relaxing it could be.

During our Labour Day Week-End trip to rural Ontario, we spent a couple of night in Deep River, a small community located on Highway 17, between Pembroke and Matawa, opposite the Laurentian Mountains. The population is only about 4,000, and most residents work in the nearby Chalk River Nuclear Research Laboratory, 10 km away. But it is still a small Canadian town, with a few dirt roads, dense patches of forest and wild animals.

On the first evening, we snuggled on the couch and watched a few movies on my laptop, including the Ghost Writer, a funny French movie and Blair Witch Project (just for the scare factor since a forest was nearby). Late at night, I went outside for a smoke and as my eyes adapted to darkness, I noticed the most amazing night sky ever: I could see hundreds of stars, and even the Milky Way. I called Feng and we both spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to best capture that on camera. Still, the picture I took doesn’t do this beautiful night sky justice!

It rained on and off and we hang around, first at the marina and then around the river. I love the fact the forest ended right on the shore of the river. The scenery was quite unique, and the bad weather added to the atmosphere.

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Checking the Temperature

Rainy Day

In The Forest

Forest Island

Deep River Beach

Tree Peeling

Emergency Phone

Tree Pattern

Clear Water


Spider Territory

Standing Tall

Crooked Tree

Reflection On The Water

Amazing Night Sky


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  1. The last photo is great!
    The same scene that inspired Vincent van Gogh who painted the Starry Night.
    He then inspired Don McLean who wrote a beautiful song called Vincent (Starry Starry Night) as a tribute to van Gogh.

    Van Gogh produced some beautiful landscapes from Provence!
    By the way, I am going to Provence this weekend.
    Guess, I need to brush up some basic French.

  2. @Cynthia – Canada is so beautiful, especially once you get out of the cities!

    @London Caller – Thank you! Unfortunately, I wasn’t inspired to paint 😆

    @Sidney – Thank you!

    @khengsiong – I bet I would find rain-forest trees fascinating 😆

    @Max Coutinho – Thank you! I wish I could have taken a better sky picture. I swear, there were hundreds of stars!

    @Soleil – Thank you!

    @Nisha – Night pictures is hard, but it’s so rewarding… just keep on practicing!

  3. Wow, I was cruising through your photos and thinking this is nice, that’s good, but then got to the night sky. Wow.

    Way back when as a boy scout we would sleep outside and look at the stars and your photo reminds me of that.

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