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Here we go again… this is my entry for Graham’s March Photography Challenge! The theme for March is “destruction” (lucky me, it could have been “spring” and I would have been fucked… still a few meters of snow on the ground here!) and I thought this picture would illustrate it nicely.


This fire was 2008’s first fire in Ottawa.

Shortly after midnight, on New Year’s Eve, we drove home from downtown and saw a big cloud of smoke in our street. We parked and went to have a look. A house in the neighborhood was burning pretty quickly despite the subzero temperatures and the snowy roads/backyards.

The family living here escaped just fine and no one was injured. Apparently, at 12:03 they went into their living room and saw their Christmas tree on fire. The fire went up very quickly and they just run away. The neighbors called 911. It took several hours to extinguish the fire completely.

We went back to see the house the next day and it was totally destroyed. What a start for 2008!

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