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Here we go again… this is my entry for Graham’s March Photography Challenge! The theme for March is “destruction” (lucky me, it could have been “spring” and I would have been fucked… still a few meters of snow on the ground here!) and I thought this picture would illustrate it nicely.


This fire was 2008’s first fire in Ottawa.

Shortly after midnight, on New Year’s Eve, we drove home from downtown and saw a big cloud of smoke in our street. We parked and went to have a look. A house in the neighborhood was burning pretty quickly despite the subzero temperatures and the snowy roads/backyards.

The family living here escaped just fine and no one was injured. Apparently, at 12:03 they went into their living room and saw their Christmas tree on fire. The fire went up very quickly and they just run away. The neighbors called 911. It took several hours to extinguish the fire completely.

We went back to see the house the next day and it was totally destroyed. What a start for 2008!


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. As you say, what a start to the year! I’m fascinated with fire, but it can truly be a destructive element. I love the way you framed your photograph and added artwork.

    I would have thought that Portuguese would be fairly easy for you with your French. I struggle with it. I can’t get my head around the masculine and feminine. Actually, Brazil, on the whole, has been a challenge… an interesting one though 🙂

    Thank you so much for your visit 😀

    Tint’s last blog post..Photography challenge – Destruction

  2. Hey Zhu, I am so glad that you were able to participate in the challenge 😀 and as always, your contribution is perfect!!! What better way to represent destruction, that the effects of a house fire.

    I am so glad that the family were unhurt… although nothing will ever bring back the sentimental things that they lost in the fire.

    What a start to 2008 indeed!!!

    ps I am so pleased that you had a wonderful trip to France 🙂 Your photographs were breathtakingly fabulous!!!

    Graham’s last blog post..March Photograph Challenge “Destruction”

  3. Froggywoogie on

    Wow, it always saddens me to learn some people have lost everything in a few minutes because of a fire or flooding or else. What a tragedy. Good to hear nobody was injured in this one.
    This is a very good picture though.
    BTW what’s wrong in being f****d on Spring lol – okay my bad

    Froggywoogie’s last blog post..Here but not here

  4. things exist in 2 extremes. they can be your friend at times of needy, and a vicious enemy when you least expect it. life’s like that. *sigh*

    and oh boy, this family is way unluckier than i am! 😕

    kyh’s last blog post..Pure bad luck

  5. What an eery picture but you captured it well. I’m happy for you the topic wasn’t spring rofl.

    Tanya’s last blog post..1st Day Of Spring Break!

  6. Poor family, glad that they escaped unhurt.
    I’m surprised that the fire totally destroyed the house despite the snowy weather and the effort by the firemen, good illustration of destruction.

    zunnur’s last blog post..Gratefullness

  7. Hi Zhu,

    This sort of thing happening during the Christmas Season is such a huge dampener. It ruins the memories of a Christmas celebration , replaced by the horrors of a catastrophe.

    Good thing no one was hurt. How would you feel if you won? Would you be happy? 🙂 Just Teasing! –Durano, done!

    durano lawayan’s last blog post..Ledger’s Lethal Legacy

  8. @Tint – I found that Portuguese was pretty hard… I can speak Spanish but the sounds in Portuguese was new to me and quite weird at first. My vocabulary is about two words anyway! 😉

    @Art – I made sure of it before taking pics…

    @Graham – I know, it was bad… but the family was quite positive with the whole thing, they had insurance and no one was hurt, so…

    @shionge – Last time I heard, they were about to rebuild on the same land.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – I took the picture just for the sake of it but I was quite pleased with the results!

    @Froggywoogie – There are quite a lot of fires here, houses are made of paper it seems… the whole thing burnt so quickly, we barely saw it happening!

    @kyh – Yeah, no luck on that one… but as I said, fortunately, they had a good insurance policy at least.

    @Tanya – Thank you!

    @zunnur – It was so quick, I think it burnt down whithin a few minutes. Crazy.

    @Shantanu – I know…

    @durano lawayan – I hope they will put this tragic event behind them.

    @Theresa – Thank you! As I said, no way I would have taken the picture if there would have been human loses.

    @ammaro – 😆 I tried my best!

    @Aiglee – I wouldn’t have taken the picture otherwise, for sure!

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