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Deux-Rivières and Matawa

Upon arriving in Deux-Rivières, a small community located in Renfrew County, Highway 17 narrowed and seemed to plunged right into the Ottawa River. The River was pretty wide and we felt like on a small island. Except for a seasonal ferry access to Québec and an abandoned gas station/ convenience store, there wasn’t much. The scenery was beautiful though: the grey asphalt matched the dark stormy sky, but contrasted with the deep blue of the River.

A few kilometers further, we stopped in Matawa, a town whose name means “Meeting of the Waters”. It used to be an important place due to its location along the voyageur’s canoe route from Montreal to the Great Lakes. If Pembroke is the city of murals, Matawa is the city of wooden statues: we spotted at least 10 of them depicting historical figures, scattered along the main street.

We headed to a local café to sip a hot chocolate (served with small marshmallows to dip in!), waiting for the storm to pass. And off we went, back to Deep River.

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The House with No Door
No More Gas
The Ottawa River At Matawa
Matawa, Main Street
Fire Hydrant
War Memorial in Matawa
Cold Beer
After the City of Murals...
The City of Statues!
Statue and Pepsi
Dirt Road
Fishing Under The Bridge
Hot Chocolate to Warm Up

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