Eight Random Facts About Me

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I was tagged by Sebastien, the author of Chronically Sick But Still Thinking I Think (best drawings in the blogosphere, but he hates rabbits for some reasons…), on this meme.

Here it goes :

1) I was a tomboy when I was a kid and I have a lot of scars on my leg to prove it. I remember riding my bike really fast downhill by my grand-parents’ place and always crashing in the last bent. Five years in a row. Never learned.

2) I’m French. And I don’t drink wine, beer or liquor in general. Trust me, I really tried to get drunk when I was a teen, but I just can’t bring myself to drink things that don’t taste good. However, I can have a Smirnoff once in a while, because it just tastes sweet.

3) I hate being the first one to sleep. I don’t really know why… In my teens, I took up staying up later than my family, just reading, surfing the web or listening to music, and now I’m used to it. Even if I have to work the next day, I rarely sleep before midnight and always at the same time as Feng or later.

4) My Chinese teacher nicknamed me “B?o zh?lì” (???) in my first Chinese class in Junior High because it sounded like my real last name + first name. Since my name is Juliette, it was then shortened into “Zhu” (pronounces as in Juliette in English), and it just stuck.

5) People who have never met me before (i.e net friends or future employers) tend to think I’m Chinese, because of my nickname (“Zhu”) and the fact I speak Chinese and worked there. When I meet them, I can always hear the Seinfield line in my head : “but you’re
not Chinese ?!”.

6) I’ve been to and traveled in 27 countries : Canada, the USA, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Equator, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentine, Brazil, France, Belgium, the UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, China, Hong Kong, Australia and New-Zealand. Many more to come, hopefully !

7) I studied Chinese (both language and civilization) for 5 years at University and my pet theme was “Peasants and Communist in Revolutionary China”. Yeah, I know. Please, don’t say anything.

8) I discovered the Internet when I was in Beijing, in 1999, thanks to an engineer student. I had never heard of it before – embarrassing ! However, I caught up pretty fast and by the time I got back to France, I was looking for Internet café everywhere in the city !

I’ll tag anybody who wants to do this meme… come on people, it’s fun !!


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. I started teaching myself Chinese a few years ago. Writing it — not speaking it. I was up to about 300 characters and could impress all my Chinese engineering friends (well at least those who knew the traditional characters, which was what I was teaching myself). I was like a sideshow freak … look at the white man who writes the characters better than we do!

    Then I went on a one-week vacation and didn’t take my books and practice pads with me.

    When I came back, I knew about 150. Discouraged, I let a few days go by before practicing. Went down to 50, then about 20. Now I think I know one … tree. Oh, and person. And I guess I can count to three! 🙂

    Chinese is VERY difficult. I have total respect for you for learning it like you did.

  2. i’m always the night owl too. even if I get tired during the day, I still get wound up right before I (attempt to) go to bed.

  3. ablondeblogger on

    I’m so jealous that you got to see all of those places!!!

    And I’m a total night owl myself (as the time of this comment will tell)

  4. ~*SilverNeurotic*~ on

    I was always wondering how to pronounce Zhu.

    Oh, and I have plenty of scars from my childhood days as well.

  5. Haha, I know what you are saying about going to bed latest, but sometimes, with job obligations and such, it’s hard maintaining that…

    I already knew you had traveled lots, but it’s nice to actually see all the places you’ve been! Do you have a couple specific regions or countries you’d like to hit up next?

    What Seinfeld is that line from, do you remember, not sure if I’ve seen that one…

  6. By the way! Thanks for that intro of yours on me, haha, you are too nice!

    Yes, I don’t like rabbits (but secretly I do, they are very very cute). In actuality, there aren’t many creatures that I don’t like, I have peace and love for most of the animals that exist… except mosquitoes, they kinda annoy me.

  7. I am very impressed by your knowledge of Chinese and traveling to all those countries! WOW!

    C’est magnifique!

  8. In 1999? Wow. I didn’t discover it until maybe 1997? or 98? It was in its infant stages for sure.

  9. Dan : wow, I’m impressed, I though I was the only white girl crazy enough to do that ! I’m totally with you on the sideshow freak who writes Chinese… Although I do feel like a freak in China, period.

    Come on, let’s check your reading…:

    ? ? ?


    Webmiztris : Same here, I always say I’m tired, going to be early and… I’m up till 1 am.

    Ablondeblogger : don’t be jealous, just do it ! Easy : a backback, litlle money and on the road !

    … alright, I’m just lucky…

    Badboy House : hope you enjoy more blogging ! You’ll see, it’s a lot of fun !

    ~*SilverNeurotic*~ : I never realize a lot of people don’t know how to prounonce Zhu, it’s so natural to me ! 😀

    We should write a post about girls and their scars…

    Sebastien : the Seinfield line is from this episode

    Not sure where I would travel… I’d love to go back in Latin America, makes me feel at home. South East Asia, maybe ? I loved every place I went to, but I’m not to keen on Europe… too expensive for me.

    Wat : traveling has always been my priority, although right now i’m kinda stuck in Ottawa…

    As for Chinese, it was a weird move, but I don’t regret learing it, really learned a lot.

    Sir Jorge : wow, that’s early too ! How did you discover it ?

  10. Very good! At least I still remember something huh? 🙂

    I remember ‘library’ being one of my favorite because it had so many strokes!

  11. you have interesting blog and also interesting live…
    travel along the globe?
    well i hope i can do it too

  12. ErinOrtlund on

    I love the name Juliette! Interesting on all your China study/travel. I will have to read your blog more to find out how you ended up in Canada.

  13. Hello!

    That is a nice tag to read!

    Chinese is a fascinating language to see LOL.I love the script.

    I know only English & hindi & urdu & arabic.:)

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